Creating Synergy

For colleges and universities we synergize in 3 ways:

  1. Act as a Finishing School for students,
  2. Provide training to non-teaching staff on various office skills and
  3. Conduct interactive talks for lecturers and professors.



It is in the normal healthy educational practice to conduct interactive talks for the academic fraternity from time to time. It enables them to widen their ken and to keep abreast of the challenges faced by contemporary society. Further being individuals, they also have witness storms in their personal lives. The talks help them to gather internal strength and courage to surge ahead with conviction and determination. They become better place to create ‘Leaders for Tomorrow’.


“The lecture on ‘Building relationships’ and ‘Attitudes’ were very interesting. They help in creating positive attitude in life. Hope this will help us to achieve more success.”
Dr. Suman Taneja, Lecturer (Zoology),
MCM DAV College for women, Chandigarh

“I found the seminar very interesting & beneficial. All the topics especially on attitude and communication skills were very interesting and important tool. I really feel the small tips followed in our day-to-day lives can change a lot in our personality and make us a happy, positive, better and a popular successful person.”
Ms Annu Malhotra,Lecturer, MCM DAV College for women, Chandigarh

“This course is really knowledgeable as I got to know about Global Accent and positive attitude. All the lecturers were very interesting. I must say everyone should go through it once.”
Ms Upasana Gupta, Lecturer (IT), MCM DAV College for women, Chandigarh

“The training programme is a wonderful experience for me. I would thank our worthy Principal for providing such exposure. Now I feel confident that my attitude towards perception of normal things in our life would be more positive after the funeral of ‘I can’t’.”
Ms Mamta, Lecturer (Food Science & MFT),
MCM DAV College for women, Chandigarh

“This workshop has indeed been a very enjoyable and illuminating experience. We learnt the techniques of being a complete and accomplished personality which is very important from a teacher’s point of view because only then will we be able to impart true genuine education. I really enjoyed the voice training as it was touching upon the subject teach phonetics.”
Ms Shankar Goyal, Lecturer, MCM DAV College for women, Chandigarh

“It was excellent especially the lecture on vision and how nicely you can criticize specially Burger Technology. Mr Prabbal you are great speaker. Your language and way really inspire the soul.”
Dr Meenakshi, Lecturer, MCM DAV College for women, Chandigarh

“It was a great opportunity for me to be a part of this training programme. This is definitely going to help me in developing personal skills. Earlier, I was always turned off looking at personal development books, I never had generated very interest in them. But now I think that I can really read them with interest. This will certainly help me in becoming a successful person.”
Ms Nidhi Goyal, Lecturer

“It was an excellent, novel, interesting and motivating experience which will be very helpful in future.”
Dr Kamlesh Chadha, Sr.Lecturer

“This workshop was excellent especially lectures by Mr Prabbal touched my soul. Sir, Mr Nandwani – somebody once said: If you don’t like the seminar/course tell us and if you like go and tell others – so I am going to tell others.”
Ms Kawalpreet Kaur, Lecturer (Botany)

“A very useful and a beneficial experience. Speaking effectively, listening skills, and criticizing effectively was of great value. Developing positive attitude was remarkable.”
Ms Mini Grewal, Lecturer

”Lectures delivered during the programme are really useful in our daily life – at working place, social circle and even in family. Such lectures should delivered periodically.”
Ms Chander Mohini, Sr.Lecturer

“The lectures delivered were very useful and understandable. Time management was excellent. The material delivered was chosen very intelligently as per the need of the changing time. The best thing was that all those things are very near to real life. To conclude, on the whole it was a wonderful experience.”
Dr Kiran Sehgal, Sr.Lecturer


Teaching and non-teaching staff are the two essential workhorses of any academic institution. It is essential for the non-teaching staff to perform their duties responsibly to enable the teaching staff and the organization to work smoothly. They both have to work in synchronization with each other to make the organization grow.

We provide the non-teaching staff with precise tools to perform their duties efficaciously. Some of the skills which are important for them to excel are:

  •  Positive Mindset for Accelerated Growth
  •  Meeting and Mannerisms
  •  Business Correspondence
  •  Time Management
  •  Interpersonal Skills

For other areas in which we provide training, kindly contact us.



Empowering Students with Pre-Placement Skills to Get Better Placed

The primary aim of any professional course is to enable the students undergoing it to get gainfully employed. In order that the students are well placed and excel in their field of endeavour – so as to boost the brand image of the college/university – it is essential that the students are trained on certain finer aspects of soft skills.

The major soft skills training needs of students undergoing various professional courses (as identified by our experts over a period of 5 years, on the basis of their interaction with the corporate managers and the students) are:


  •  Dream Building
  •  Goal Setting
  •  Attitudes and Techniques for Success
  •  Emotional Intelligence
  •  Interpersonal Skills
  •  Time Management


  •  How to READ Better and Faster
  •  How to WRITE Better and Faster
  •  How to MEMORIZE Better and Faster
  •  How to make NOTES Better and Faster


  •  Verbal Communication Skills
  •  Written Communication Skills
  •  Non-Verbal (Body Language) Communication Skills
  •  Listening Skills


  •  Choosing a Career
  •  How to Hunt for a Job
  •  Making Great Resumes and Designing Cover Letters
  •  Power Dressing
  •  Body Language at Interviews
  •  Answering Frequently Asked Questions
  •  Group Discussions
  •  Follow Up Procedures


  •  Corporate Culture
  •  Meetings and Mannerisms
  •  Team Building
  •  Problem Solving & Conflict Resolution
  •  Business Correspondence
  •  Presentation Skills
  •  Dealing with Irate Customers

Customized Programmes

We conduct training progammes on the above mentioned soft skills for the students of colleges and universities. The programmes consist of some of the above mentioned skills along with any other soft skills that you m

Polish Your Persona & Get Hired!

We have specially designed (and most sought for) module on pre-placement skills entitled ‘POLISH YOUR PERSONA AND GET HIRED!’ which consists of the most critical skills needed for placement. In case you would like to have a look at the contents of the programme, kindly press on the link under Related Information.

What the Participating Students Say

The courses conducted by us – ranging from 1 day workshops to 2 months detailed courses – have been highly appreciated and termed as immensely beneficial by the participating students. In case you would like to see the comments of some of the participating students please click on the link under Related Information.

“This course really helped us in various ways. We got to know how to pronounce English words correctly. Moreover, workshops were interactive. They also helped us to build a positive attitude and motivated us to achieve high success in life.”
Vipula Sharma, Student – MBA, IP University, Delhi

“The workshop was enlightening experience for me as it helped me to rediscover myself as a human being, as a student, as a fresher who was looking for her dream job. The articulation tips provided by the mentor was helpful to get through my interviews and improved the communication skills of mine. I would like to thank Prabbal for putting so much effort to help me out in the areas where I lacked.”
Neha Gujrati, Student – MBA, IP University, Delhi

“I found, this course is very good to learn global accent. This program showed us the correct way of pronunciation. I have learnt things that I had never came across during my schooling and graduation and now all definitely going to help me in my career ahead. This is extremely good! Thank you!”
Priya Gautam, Student – MA (English), IP University, Delhi

“The very announcement of having a course in voice and accent training was greatly enthusiastic itself. And after attending the classes with Prabbal Sir, I feel tremendous shift in my way of speaking. I think in today’s growing need of acquiring a global accent, this module is helping students in getting acquainted with present industry needs. As a whole, a great learning experience and the pleasure is even more while learning it through Prabbal Sir. Happy Learning. Hats off!!!”
Abhishek Sharma, Student – MA (English), IP University, Delhi

“First course: Dreams & Goals – helps in identifying my goals & realizing my dreams. So most importantly it helped in scheduling my activities towards achievement of goals. Second course: Accent training – helps me to correct my pronunciation while speaking and improve communication skills. I hope it helps me in future. Third course: Resume preparation – helps in making a winning résumé and correcting my present one which will give better jobs for me in future. Fourth course: Attitude – it changed my attitude towards life. Now I have optimistic approach. Overall it was an entertaining yet learning experience.”
Bobby, Student – MBA, Technia Institute of Advanced Studies, Delhi

“The workshop helps me a lot, though being an English medium student throughout my academics it helped me to realize where I used to be wrong while pronouncing a lot of words. Even the résumé part was of great help from now no mistakes in making a résumé. Mr Prabbal Frank, you were fabulous, amazing and your speech was wonderful the way you delivered it. As I learnt a lot from you too. Thank you for coming here and sharing your skills and knowledge with us.”
Anita Singh, Student – MBA, IBS, Noida

“The workshop was very enriching. It taught us small things which hold great importance but are often neglected. I gained a lot of knowledge about the nuances and aspects of the language as well as about the résumé building. The presentation was commendable and I hope to attend some more in the future.”
Surbhi Nayar, Student – MBA, IBS Noida

“I am lucky that I attended this workshop, which benefited me in improving my confidence and my answering abilities during interviews. This course nearly covered everything which I had hoped before sitting in it. I recommend this course to every student.”
Anurag Mehta, Student – MBA, IP University, Delhi

“I think this workshop has done a great value addition in me and has enhanced my confidence in these areas definitely. I just hope to have many more sessions. Thank you so much. I am sure these sessions will play a crucial role in fetching me a job.”
Geetika Gupta, Student – MBA, IP University, Delhi

“This workshop has opened up many future prospects for me. With my new, learned way of speaking, I can look upto many new enterprises and endeavours. Apart from the new found confidence, I have been made comfortable to speak in front of hundreds of people. Now, I can actually influence others, with the way I speak. Also, the kind of attitude we’ve been supplied to, has helped me to move towards my goals; and it will, for sure, help me in achieving success.”
Bhawna Vij, Student – MA (English), IP University, Delhi

“It was a nice session for improving our pronunciation and communication skills. I had also learned very important tips for résumé building which was never told by anyone. I am thankful to The Skills Academy and Mr Prabbal Frank for giving me these useful tips.”
Ashish Verma, Student – MBA, IBS Noida>

“This workshop was really great and the first of its kinds. It is very important to train the MBA students who are about to appear for interviews. ‘The change the way you speak’ module was great as it helps to improve one’s communication skills and confidence. The interview module has great as it helps me to get a feel of the interview.”
Rohit Puri, Student – MBA, IP University, Delhi

“Good experience, we get to learn the global accent. It made us realize that achieving fluency in English is not a difficult job. What are we used to learn in theory we have practically applied here.”
Deepti Sarin, Student – MA (English), IP University, Delhi

“The workshop was very helpful and interesting. A great initiative for fresher like me to correcting guide and develop self confidence in them. It helped in realizing the purpose of life and how to achieve it. Mind blowing. I wish we would have more of such sessions.”
Nisha Gothwal, Student – MBA, IP University, Delhi

“Very good, useful and relevant in today’s world. I experienced good moments, learned a lot, more than just speaking the correct pronunciation. Interesting and full of fun and life.”
Mukti Agarwal, Student – MA (English), IP University, Delhi

“Precise matter – that too taught in every lively manner. Enthusiasm of the instructor. Interview session was the best, covering each and every query of each and every student.”
Rekha M Bhawana, Student – MBA, IP University, Delhi

“The workshop is very good and interesting. They improved our knowledge on certain things which are taught in the class and the Attitude class is very good because it help us to change our negativity of mind. And now we mould ourselves to achieve our goals as all that is required included in these classes. The information about résumé is very essential at our stage. We know what is résumé but the right way of constructing a résumé we learnt here. These classes help us to learnt more and remove our bad attitudes from our minds.”
Sadaf Naaz, Student, IP University, Delhi

“This course is really something what we Indian English People are mostly looking for. I find it worthwhile and now I am confident enough that in the time of 2 to 3 months I would be able to speak in global accent and can understand BBC News and English songs very well. Thank U Mr Prabbal Frank.”
Suman Gusain, Student – MA (English), IP University, Delhi

“I want to say that the workshop organized for the ST/ST/minorities really arouse a desire in me to be successful in my life. I was working for my goals achievements but was not taking any step and desire to be true towards my goals. Now, myself Laxmi is hereby satisfied with the seminars organized for us and wants that it should be again organized for imparting more and more knowledge to us. Atlast I want to say thanks to all the members for provide these valuable knowledge and skills to us.”
Laxmi Devi, Student – MBA, Technia Institute of Advanced Studies, Delhi

“Very sincerely delivered by the speaker. Should reflect in my communication skills soon. Very very useful, came up at a right time. Not just beneficial for interviews but for the times to come beyond.”
Priti Sambhalwal, Student – MBA, IP University, Delhi

“It was really good, very enriching content. Both teachers were very informative. The résumé section was the best one. The sessions were very interactive and helpful. “THANK YOU” Sirs. Its really great, that you taught us all these things.”
Deepti Bajaj, Student – B Tech (SE), IP University, Delhi

“It was wonderful experience. I came to know about the proper toning of words. It also increased my knowledge on résumé building and making them ‘GREAT’ from just ‘GOOD’.”
Rahul Kalra, Student – MBA, IBS, Noida

“A very interesting presentation, I must say. The workshop was quite interesting and Sir was interacting with us and thus it helped us to maintain our interest all over. I learnt the correct pronunciation of those simple words which we are using in our daily life. I believe this workshop is surely going to improve my communication skills and will bring good amount of progress in my personality. Thank you!”
Reetika Goenka, Student – MBA, IBS, Noida

“This course has helped me understand how I can make my communication effective by the correct use of words. Also, the sessions on interview questions taught me how I can successfully get through an interview.”
Sakshi Jain, Student – MBA, IP University, Delhi

“The course was very effective in every aspect be it contents, topics, design of the module. The way Mr Prabbal delivered his lectures, everything about that was good; be it the communication, query handling, energy level and personal attention given to students. Altogether, course was very useful and highly needed at our placement time.”
Monika Mavi, Student – MBA, IP, University, Delhi

“The lecture given by Mr Prabbal Frank was excellent. I really learned a lot how to pronounce various words which earlier is used to pronounce wrong and also came to know how to make our résumé influencing and great. I really thank Mr Prabbal Frank for giving such a nice and educational lecture.”
Rajeev Aggarwal, Student – MBA, IBS, Noida

“I really like the workshop because it will really help us not only to see the dreams but also to fulfill them. It helps to improve the pronunciation, make positive attitude and make a winning résumé to get better jobs in future.”
Chhaya Choudhary, Student – MBA, Technia Institute of Advanced Studies, Delhi

“Course Resume: it was highly useful and very knowledgeable session. It rectifies many common errors and helped a lot in building a good impressive relevant useful résumé. It is very effective and presentation was extremely attention grabbing and the speaker (Mr Prabbal) changed all doubts with good explanatory answers. Overall whole session was full of knowledge and fun while learning. Attitude: this workshop actually enlightens me. Has been a new way of distress and hopes which anyone can aspire to follow. Fabulous interaction and amazing thoughts were conveyed. It brings a pleasurable experience to attend such a heart-touching life-building seminars. Sir Thank you so much for this grand opportunity.”
Pratibha Rahi, JGIT, IP University, Delhi

“It has been a good experience in these classes. Mr Prabbal had been friendly enough and made things easier with his witty ways. I wish we will get more opportunities to learn and interact with him”
Richa Sharma, Student – MA (English), IP University, Delhi

“Amazing experience! The workshop was really useful and practical. It gave individual attention to all participants and covered all major aspects of the communication and interpersonal/interview skills. Looking forward to some more workshops.”
Ridhima Sood, Student – MBA, IP University, Delhi

“It was an extensive and very fruitful experience that we undergone and this lecture it really help us to learn the pronunciation of basic English words without which we were really not excelling in our communication the résumé building tips were really helpful so as to enhance our C.V. values. I think if we work on these tricks we can really rise ourselves to speak out in a perfectly fine way. The session was really an asset for us and our future.”
Prateek Nigam, Student – MBA, IBS, Noida

“Vocabulary and pronunciation is extremely helpful. Resume designing is extremely helpful in every stage of job requirement. Attitude helps me a lot to have positive attitude in every phase of life. I want generally to extend these classes.”
Deepti Dohare, Student – B Tech(SE), Indira Gandhi Institute of Technology, Delhi

“The workshop was interesting. I had a great experience. It helped me in improving my communication skills: pronunciation & intonation. A great amount of practice has been done on various aspects of global ascent. Overall, I found the workshop of great use in my overall development of communication skills.”
Priya Duggal, Student – MA (English), IP University, Delhi

“The workshop was excellent. Got to learn many things. Prabbal Sir was truly amazing and his humor was great too. This workshop has been extremely helpful to me and I was completely overwhelmed by the entire presentation. I enjoyed it and was actually a great learning experience. It was a kind of learning things with full enthusiasm and enjoyment.”
Rochita Chandna, Student – MBA, IBS, Noida

“It is good for me because I got to know various new things in pronunciation which are latest in use. How to make a wining résumé is also going to help me to design my résumé independently. I am influenced by the motivation given by Mr Balraj and help me to have a positive attitude.”
Shahzad Ali, Student – B Ed (IVP), IP University, Delhi

“Really, I am very happy because I have improved my language and body language. It was very interesting class. Really I took classes of this course regularly to learn and increase power of expression.”
Pramod Kumar Sharma, Student – M Tech, IP University, Delhi

“It was very interesting workshop; it was innovative method of teaching. Got to learn how to pronounce various words. And it is among the best workshops I have ever attended.”
Shivani Chadha, Student – MBA, IBS, Noida

“I think that all has covered in the presentation is pretty important and we have to really inculcate such things to make our presence felt by others remarkably. The effort was very welcomed by me. I would appreciate it.”
Nitin Goel, Student – MBA, IBS, Noida

“It was a brilliant workshop conducted for students from backward strata of the society. After attending workshop for two days, I am as a part of this workshop feel very comfortable, released and motivated. I am thinking or feeling that I got what I am really searching for. Earlier I was feeling like a vehicle with petrol now I got fuel and want to go ahead with dedication and energy. With lots of regards and thanks for Prabbal Sir and Nandwani Sir.”
Sharmeen Bano, Student – B Ed, IP University, Delhi

“The workshop is totally outstanding. All the lectures and classes are very profitable to us. And the English spoken accent class by Prabbal Sir was beautiful. The winning résumé programme is marvelous. And looking to have it again.”
Shiv Kumar, Student – BJMC, Technia Institute of Advanced Studies, Delhi

“This kind of workshop really helps in improving the communication skills which is very much important for future managers. The workshop was very interactive, upto the mark and was delivered beautifully by Mr Frank.”
Husain Aarsiwala, Student – MBA, IBS, Noida

“The best part of the course was the manner in which it is conducted, the whole exercise makes the learning a fun filled exercise rather than a course. Another plus point is the positive energy that surrounds the class. Makes you feel you can do it as well as Mr Frank. Thank You.”
Rachita Aneja, Student – MBA, IP University, Delhi

“The workshop helped me in many ways. I was enlightened and became more informed by the lecture and presentation. The topics covered included interview skills, résumé making and change the way you speak; I got to know many more diversions, areas, which I should be aware of. In all it was a great endeavor in making me a better global employee for any organization.”
Puneet Sharma, Student – MBA, IP University, Delhi

“The workshop was too interesting. It was very conversational which grasped the interests of the readers all through the workshop. The things taught to us were very informative as well as interesting. The sessions were very lively as well as light at the same hand. The method of communicating was so good that I never felt I was sitting in a class. I enjoyed and learnt at the same time. I am totally overwhelmed after the session.”
Deep Gyanchandani, Student – MBA, IBS, Noida


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