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Inspiring to LEAD

Interactive talk to Principals of member schools of Federation of Public Schools.

It is in the normal healthy educational practice to conduct interactive talks for the academic fraternity from time to time. It enables them to widen their ken and to keep abreast of the challenges faced by contemporary society.

Further being individuals, they also have witness storms in their personal lives. The talks help them to gather internal strength and courage to surge ahead with conviction and determination. They become better equipped to take the school to greater heights.

What the Principals Say About Our Courses

The courses conducted by us – ranging from 1 day workshops to 15 days detailed courses – have been highly appreciated and termed as immensely beneficial by the participating principals. Kindly look for the feedback of participating principals.

If you are an association of schools or represent a group of schools, get in touch with us NOW us to conduct light, entertaining but informative talks for your member principals.


Inspiring to LEAD

Interactive talk to Principals of member schools of Federation of Public Schools.

“It was very fruitful. Taught easy and effective techniques. It really helped us to bring clarity in voice. I came to know that ‘How you speak is more important than what you speak.’ Mr Prabbal, Corporate Trainer exhibited the oratory skills and body language meticulously.”
Amarjeet Makkar, Headmistress, DAV Edward Ganj Sr Sec Public School, Malout

“Talking about communication skills first: i) beginning the workshop by Mr Prabbal in an indianised accent and building it up slowly was a wonderful experience. ii) Lots of doubt got cleared. iii) It was a very interactive workshop and each one of us participated in it. Attitude: I think reinforcement of positive attitude time and again keeps us focused and brings us back to the inmost important aspect of work is worship.”
Meenakshi Malhotra, Headmistress, Venkateshwar International School, Delhi

“The two days seminar was remarkable, excellent and effective. We took a lot of interest in pronouncing new words. Pronunciation drill was very effective. I will definitely change the way of my speaking. I will definitely change my attitude and try to speak in a global accent. I am really thankful to Mr Prabbal and Mr Balraj Nandwani for holding two days seminar in my school. We want such type of seminars in future also.”
Indu Khurana, Vice Principal, Little Fairy School, New Delhi

“Very enriching experience.”
Prem Mehta, Principal, CJDAV Public School, Meerut

“Well conducted. Very useful for teachers and students. Must create a positive change in personalities of the participants.”
Capt(IN) Dr Mahesh Kandpal, Principal, Sainik School, Jhumaritilaiya

“It’s an eye opener for who wants to be successful in their life.”
Narinder Pal Singh, Director, The Scholar’s Home, Paonta Sahib

“Good interesting. The communication could reach out to the teachers and I am positive it will make a difference.”
G Bajwa, Principal, DC Model Sr Sec School, Ferozepur

“An interesting way to unlearn our mistakes as far as spoken English is concerned and quite innovative while reinforcing the positive attitude. The workshop’s experience is definitely going to help the team members and through them our students also.”
Anju Arora, Principal, The Scholar’s Home, Paonta Sahib

“We enjoy this workshop and learn new words and global English speaking method.”
Raman Aggrawal, Principal, LSDDAV Public School, Hapur 

“Lot of efforts was put in by Sh Prabbal English teacher in particular and rest of the teachers in general must have gained wisdom. I think now I will be able to understand English movies which I could not earlier. Programme on attitude by Sh Balraj Nandwani was a useful exercise for all. It is the demand of day.”
Bharat B Gupta, Principal, DC Model Sr Sec School, Ferozepur

“An excellent workshop which has taught us so much in so little time (2 days) which has changed our life atleast in two aspects, one – our communication and the other the way we think i.e. our Attitude. Thanks a lot, keep doing human service to mankind.”
Lt Col B S Ghorpade, Head Master, Sainik School, Jhumaritilaiya

“Enlightening, informative and extremely relevant. Recommended for students, teachers and educators at all levels.”
Mrinalini Kaura, Principal, Venkateshwar International School (Sector 10), Delhi

“A highly enriching workshop. Very interesting, informative well presented. A very motivational workshop. Looking forward to a series of such workshops which can bring about a positive change in the attitude.”
Savita Mehta, Principal, Venkateshwar International School (Sector 18), Delhi

“The seminar was quite informative. A few common errors which we will make were cleared by Mr Prabbal. Very informative.”
Anita Garg, Headmistress, Bal Bharti School, Delhi


Inspiring to LEAD

A teachers training program in progress

Teachers are the torch bearers of society. Their value in shaping the destiny of generations is unparalleled. In order to educate the children with emotion, they don’t have to just teach but reach the students.

We provide various training modules for teachers to enable them to perform their roles effectively. Whether it be a 2-hour talk or a week-long intensive training program, we do it all. Some of the areas in which we provide training are various facets of Emotional Intelligence, Communication Skills, and Soft Skills.

In this global era where English communication has taken a center stage and has become an essential skill for success, we have tailor-made a 2 days standardized training program for teachers entitled ‘Effective Teacher‘. The program enables the teachers to speak confidently and fluently and avoid embarrassing mistakes. The motivational session during the programs reboots their mind and rejuvenates them. It enables them to shed off negativity and embrace change and every new day with a positive mindset.

Once the teachers have undergone the training, they are equipped to teach the students using the correct English which is understood and accepted worldwide. This percolates the learning down to the students and affects a change in the environment of the school. All this goes a long way in enhancing the image of the school. To know more about the course or what the participating teachers say about it, read on . . .

What the Teachers Say About Our Courses

The courses conducted by us – ranging from 1-day workshops to 15 days detailed courses – have been highly appreciated and termed as immensely beneficial by the participating teachers. Kindly look for the feedback of participating teachers.


A teachers training programme in progress

“An enlightening workshop for the teaching community. Kindly SPREAD THIS ALL AROUND – schools, colleges, MNC’s so that our children benefit from this. I would also love to attend more seminars like this and would also like to meet and communicate personally to everyone attached with The Skills Academy. If possible would like to be valuable part of this Academy. I am sure one day this would become an institution in today’s world of various industries.”
Anita Luthra, Teacher (English), BOSCO Public School, Delhi

“I thank you from the core of my heart. The workshop has given me a platform to keep pace with the changing era because now to some extent I could say that being the product of global world; I have been able to master global accentuation. I have developed a positive attitude due to your able and enlightening guidance. As this point of time Lord Tennyson’s lives are haunting me and I recall: Made Weak By Time and Fate But Strong In Will To find, To Strive, To Fight, To Seek and not to yield.”
Madhu, Teacher (English), DAV Public School, Rohtak

“An excellent workshop. It is a very impressive, knowledgeable and remarkable seminar. It is definitely going to change the way of our speaking. We have learnt many new things which we can share with our students in our daily life and school.”
Kiran Attri, Head Teacher, Pine Grove School, Dharampur

“Techniques of voice modulation, proper pronunciation, intonation and subtle change in one’s voice due to the same were quite impressive. Etymology of a word & word-formation task was really interesting and captivating. A COMPLETE LEARNING EXPERIENCE!”
Ruchika Gupta, TGT (English), Salwan Public School, New Delhi

“An excellent capsule to motivate teachers to deliver the best to the students. Concept taught in a very simple way yet vey effective.”
Rita Gupta, Principal, Army School, Meerut

“Through this seminar, I have learned so many positive things related to attitude. I improved my pronunciation the way of speaking. The lecture given by Mr Prabbal was very knowledgeable and the lecture given by Mr Balraj Nandwani was very interesting. I enjoyed a lot. I learned a lot. I wish this type of seminars should be organized in future also.”
Rekha Miglani, Teacher (English), DAV Public School, Rohtak

“The two days seminar was remarkable, excellent and effective. We took a lot of interest in pronouncing new words. Pronunciation drill was very effective. I will definitely change the way of my speaking. I will definitely change my attitude and try to speak in a global accent.
“Knowledge is wealth” – It is rightly said by a renowned educationist. In this workshop, I am very impressed by the lecture of Mr Nandwani and Mr Prabbal. It is good, knowledgeable and full of impressive, pronunciation etc. I got knowledge about some new words and got the positive values of our life. I hope in future, I will attend or join this kind of workshop.”
Suman Sharma, HMDAV Sr Sec Public School, Ferozepur

“I found the seminar very interesting and beneficial. All the topics especially on attitude and communication skills were very interesting and important too. I really feel the small tips followed in our day-to-day life can change a lot in our personality and make us a happy, positive, better and popular successful person.”
Annu Malhotra, Lecturer, MCM College For Women, Chandigarh

“The workshop was indeed a worth attending. Mr Prabbal and Mr Balraj Nandwani communicated effectively how can we teachers communicate effectively and positively whatever we want to our students with correct pronunciation with positive and right attitude. Certainly its going to enhance my abilities in particular and all of us holistically.”
Rahul Singhal, PGT (Chemistry), Salwan Public School, New Delhi

“Truly enlightening and extremely interesting from start to finish. All three speakers ensured that there was never a dull moment throughout the day and to keep a group of 60 odd awake at all times is by no means a small feat. Having prided myself on my supposedly good language, I realized today that there is still more to learn.”
Samiksha Singh, Head Administration (Sr. School), Pine Grove School, Dharampur

“Excellent and knowledgeable workshop. Definitely useful for everyone. Such workshops should be arranged from time to time. Spoken English will definitely improve.”
Harsh Anand, PGT (English), Army School, Meerut

“I would like to use this space to thank you for this workshop. After a long time, I have attended a workshop this sort. These kinds of workshops help in being in tune with latest and of course correct pronunciation. Hope to be associated with your academy in future.”
Kamaljeet Kaur, PGT (Commerce), New Delhi Public School, New Delhi

“I am very lucky to have attended this workshop. It is definitely a great experience to have Mr Prabbal in front of us taking all efforts to teach the correct diction to all of us. Thank you so much.”
Sanyukta Sharma, PRT, Venkateshwar International School, New Delhi

“Very educative, informative and enlightening experience. It will help us to stay abreact of latest global way of communication. Excellent! Looking forward to more seminars of these workshops. Thanks!”
Aruna Prashar, TGT (English), Army School, Noida

“Seminar was very educational. We came to know the different methods of conversing within each other and how to pronounce the different alphabets. CD helped us a lot. By adopting these methods we can change our delivery system. Now I can make myself impressive speaker. I think that this will give me wings to complete my dream. Really it is the best, quickest and surest way to English fluency.”
Kiran, Teacher, DAV Public School, Rohtak

“I found this workshop which I do not think I can express in words which can be manipulated easily. From my heart and soul I am really grateful to my institution which invited you to do this workshop. The skills in verbal communication and attitude are really gonna to change my whole life. I am really thankful to you.”
Rashpal Singh, Teacher (English), DC Model Sr Sec School, Ferozepur

“The workshop was actually interesting and knowledgeable. I had no idea about the U K & U S A accent, was very much curious to know, but due to lack of time I couldn’t. But the workshop has answered many of my queries and has made me more curious to learn the words, accent, vocal, etc. and improve upon my English I would really like to join The Skills Academy during summer vacations.”
Neelu, Teacher (Maths), BOSCO Public School, Delhi

“The workshop ‘Change The Way You Speak’ had been very beneficial for us all. It made us aware of the global accent in English. But we need to practice these sounds to master them. The presentation of the workshop was very good. We were always involved and hence evolved through the session.”
Pooja, Teacher, CRPF School, Delhi

“The workshop can be segmented in two segments. The first segment relates to bettering our skills, attributes linked to our profession i.e. Voice and Accent training. It was remarkable session as I feel; I was feeling ill equipped or somewhat left out of my endeavor to be the best in my profession and the session has equipped me to remain on the top for my personal satisfaction. The second segment relating to attributes have enhanced my self confidence as it has highlighted that positive attitude is basic ingredient and prerequisite for success and perhaps I possess that in plenty. Thank you very much.”
Sunita Juneja Teacher (English), DAV Public School, Rohtak

A teachers training programme in progress

“It was an excellent experience. Learnt a lot from this workshop and shall want you to come again and again on these types of topics. God Bless.”
Gurpreet Singh, PGT (Computers), Pine Grove School, Dharampur

“Really, it was very interesting, effective and informative which will help us and lead a successful life and made us aware about correct English and make our student to learn correctly. Mr Balraj Nandwani also gave very good tips on Attitude. I hope we will try and have a positive attitude. Definitely it will be key beneficial for us as well as for our institution. Thanks a lot. I Wish You All The Best.”
Bimla Khurana, Vice Principal, Little Fairy School, New Delhi

“It was a great experience of unlearning the wrong and learning the right. To be frank I have never thought that learning English vocabulary could be that interesting and easy. All complements to Mr Prabbal and Thanks to the motivation by Mr Balraj Nandwani. And last but not the least Dr C Ram made us our own doctors. As a small suggestion, I would like to say that number of sessions on English speaking and learning vocabulary should be increased.”
Sunita Singh, Science Teacher & Supervisory Head, CJDAV Public School, Meerut

“Firstly, I want to thank the noted speaker for really enlightening our lives. I enjoyed the workshop and learnt a lot about the important key to success. After having read many of the promotional inspiring books by Shiv Khera, Promod Batra etc. I felt that having attended this workshop is having more worth than just surfing through the books. Thank you!!”
Hasneet Kaur Wadhwa, PRT (Science), Salwan Public School (Afternoon), New Delhi

“Not only do we awaken to an existing system of communication which we have been growing because of a mental block, but it also did bring us closer to identifying the need to enjoy what we are doing so as to pass on the same sentiment to the future generation. We are indebted to you. Thanks.”
Rupam Jaswal, TGT (English), Army School, Noida

“Highly effective and beneficial for teachers community. Interactive and motivating lecture sessions. To enable to improve communication skills and possessing good attitude. Impressive techniques and methodology.”
Neelam Sushma Topno, Teacher (English), Sainik School, Jhumaritilaiya

“First of all I want to thank you for giving so my easy way to handle the problems of life. I really forget all the things happening outside and enjoyed each and every moment in the seminar. I wish you very very success in the coming years. May God Bless You!”
Aarti Banga, Teacher (Maths), DC Model Sr.Sec.School, Ferozepur

“This seminar was very good. I learnt from this seminar that success is very important. We can get success if we have desire. Success means to make the world great. My success is this that I give something to my children of this world which I gain from this seminar. I will go door to door and tell about this seminar.”
Darshana Arora, Teacher, DAV Public School, Kotkapura, Faridkot

“This workshop has been very fruitful to me. As I have learnt spoken English which is important globally and will be helpful in the coming period. It would be far better if it would be for students also. As I am the patient of B.P. but his workshop has made my mind fresh and free from negative attitude. It helps me to create healthy atmosphere in my home as well as in class. I will try my best to teach the students the way I have learnt in two days workshop.”
Rajshree Vasudeva, Teacher, CJDAV Public School, Meerut

“It was excellent. It was good to learn the correct pronunciation of words. The way it was taught was fabulous. As songs were incorporated in the learning process, it made it very lively. Mr Prabbal Frank was very patient and listened very nicely.”
Jyoti, TGT (English), Salwan Public School, New Delhi

“Workshop conducted by “The Skills Academy” is super. I am sure it’s going to change the lives of many people. Pronunciation drill was very effective. The views given on positive attitude were really good. I must say excellent.”
Punam Bhardwaj, Teacher (PST), Pine Grove School, Dharampur

“First thing it was vivacious from the beginning till end. Very affective facilitators. Yes it is true as said by Mr Prabbal we haven’t learnt any new but have recapitulated what is there in our subconscious mind and realized the actual importance of it. Thanks”
Jyoti Khatri, PRT, Venkateshwar International School, New Delhi

“The workshop is par-excellence. I fail to coin an appropriate phrase for the admiration of the innovative outlook of the organizers. Efficient and effective techniques are used to help the teachers build up clarity in the pronunciation through etymology and word play.”
Santosh Thakur, TGT, Army School, Meerut

“The training programme was outstanding and was of great help. It was a true boost up programme. My faint confidence is back now after attending to this programme. The pronunciation skill given to us is going to make a big change. I would love to attend few more classes of such kind for complete transition of my personality.”
Jitu Singh, TGT (English), Little Fairy School, New Delhi

“It was a great experience to join this workshop. The way of presenting, material provided, interaction, everything was excellent. There was an ocean of knowledge to learn from. I am thankful to school for providing me the wonderful opportunity.”
Isha Aggarwal, Teacher (English & Maths), DC Model Sr Sec School, Ferozepur

“It was a great pleasure attending the workshop. I really enjoyed the way and the matter we were taught. I learnt many things about which I was curious but I had no source. I had some knowledge about these sounds but I was not sure about whether these are right or not. Prabbal Sir was really a great help. I would also like to thanks Balraj Sir, who really told us some important views about life. It would be a great help in future also. I am looking forward for seminars in future also.”
Vijeta, Teacher, Scholar Rosary School, Rohtak

“Very encouraging; taught skills, which can be used; attitude changing workshop; impressive presentation and material; enlightening session and good accent training session.”
Kavita Ajwani, TGT (Physics), Salwan Public School, New Delhi

“The workshop has revised with latest information. It has build in one a much confident level. This workshop has built in me a positive attitude and a practical approach towards life. This workshop has proved to be a mixture of practical, psychological, emotional essence of everything. It has really done a good job.”
Kanak Motwani, Assistant Teacher, Little Fairy School, New Delhi

“Every experience and exposure teachings something new and makes you a better person. Same was the case with this workshop. It truly justifies its title “Change The Way You Speak” because the techniques and methods were such that helped us and changed my perception of learning and speaking of English language. And to add to it or the icing on the cake was Mr Balraj’s eye opener discussion on “Attitude”. Coincidently, presently going through a phase of depression it comes as a light to me as if a message has been given by God himself. On the whole it was a great experience.”
Shafali Checker, Teacher, CRPF Public School, Delhi

“It was very informative and useful session for me. It really enriched us to update my communication skill with my students and fellow friends. Thanks.”
Anita Sharma, Teacher (English), CJDAV Public School, Meerut

“A wonderful workshop to enhance our knowledge about phonetics, correct pronunciation and better approach towards life. It will definitely help me in evolving myself as a better and successful teacher and a human being as well! Thanks a lot!”
Archana Samra, Teacher (English, S St), Pine Grove School, Dharampur

“Workshop was really novel, informative and well planned. It made a positive change and inculcated in me that positive approach towards life. Conversation in spoken English will certainly improve with the tips beings given.”
Anjali Agarwal, TGT (Bio), Salwan Public School, New Delhi

“An excellent and beneficial workshop. I leant many new words and how to pronounce the words. I devoted my 09 hrs. time for this workshop. When I was attending this course, really I felt, I knew nothing but after classes I am very happy to improve communication skills. So, I am highly motivated and inspired by my teachers.”
DIP Narayan Pandey, PGT (Maths), Sainik School, Jhumaritilaiya

“The workshop was “AWESOME”. The way used by the mentors were really good. The way they make us positive in our life and take out the word “I CAN’T” which is probably a difficult thing to remove was beautiful. I really love the way they told. And we almost become positive but if I talk about myself then I am 99.9999…………. % positive now and the rest effort will be mine to become 100%. Thank you Mr Frank and Mr Nandwani.”
Karuna Sharma, Mistress (Science), DC Model Sr Sec School, Ferozepur

“The above mentioned workshop held in our school was very fruitful. I liked the workshop especially the presentation by Mr Prabbal. The correct usage of English vocabulary was very informative. Looking forward for more workshops like this. I think teachers from all public schools should join a course. It is requested to start a small course for teachers in the school.”
Bhavna Kaushik, PR, Salwan School, New Delhi

“The workshop was quite useful. Both the speakers were extremely intelligent and interesting. Both of them generated a lot of positive attitude and need for right attitude in life.”
Madhu Marwaha, Lecturer (English), MCM College For Women, Chandigarh

“The workshop was extremely interesting and useful. The resource person was able to sustain the interest throughout. The workshop will surely help us to improve our communication skills and be positive in our outlook. It was indeed an enlightening session and we look forward to many more such workshops. Thanks!”
Srishti Singh, PRT, Salwan Public School, New Delhi

A teachers training programme in progress.

“Workshop was useful especially the part where meaning of the word could be made out through its root. Attitude building too provided a useful insight towards success. All in all a good experience.”
Nidhi Bhatia, Teacher (English), CRPF Public School, Delhi

“It was excellent and got to learn a lot about the pronunciation. This kind of workshop is a must for all as the world is changing at a great speed and we and our kids and students will get with the world without any hesitation and try to understand others in a better way. They should not feel out of place. Good! Keep going! This course should be a must for students.”
Lata Yaksh, Supervisor (Middle School), CJDAV Public School, Meerut

“This workshop is very nice. I am really very impressed. It is very helpful in my future planning.
Poonam Talwar, Nursery Teacher, Little Fairy School, New Delhi

“Has been very enlightening. Beginning to understand: spoken English – the right way with emphasis on the right pronunciation, diction, intonation. It has made the difference.”
Arvtchwdar S, Teacher, Venkateshwar International School, New Delhi

“It was an excellent and update seminar held for the improvement of the spoken part of the teachers. It will definitely bring great change in the attitude and personality of the teachers. It improved the confidence of the teachers and taught them to remove the concept of I CAN’T from our lives.”
Preeti Garg, Teacher, DC Model Sr Sec School, Ferozepur

“I like this workshop very much. In fact I am feeling lucky to be a part of it. It will help me in my future and in improving my teaching. Now I can improve my personality as a teacher and also as an individual person. I will be able to improve my attitude. It will be really beneficial for me in my future. I think every teacher should have the luck to be part of it. Thank You!”
Anju Dixit, Teacher, The Scholar’s Home, Paonta Sahib

“This workshop improved our communication skills and reflected us the mirror of the right track. It also enabled us to always be on the positive attitude throughout our life.”
Shalini, English Teacher, Little Fairy School, New Delhi

“Highly informative, effective, useful and motivational. Should be repeated.”
Prem Sagar Pabbi, Administration Officer, New Delhi Public School, New Delhi

“The workshop was very interesting. It helped us a lot in building up clarity in our voice. We learnt a lot through simple, easy and effective techniques. It helped us in changing the way we speak.”
Urmila, Teacher (English), DAV Edward Ganj Sr Sec Public School Malout

“We found it quiet informative and rejuvenating. It left us with the enthusiasm to lead a successful life and made us aware of the innovations in the field of spoken English which is essential for us. It filled us with the feeling of adaptation according to changing environment.”
Prachi Goel, Teacher, CJDAV Public School, Meerut

“The seminar had proved to be an epitome of knowledge and communication skills. The benefits received are immense. The lectures delivered by Mr Prabbal and Mr Balraj Nandwani have not only strengthened us mentally have inspired us to be the Best as teachers for our receivers i.e. the Students. We do look forward for such enlightening sessions. THE WORKSHOP WAS REMARKABLE.”
Jyoti Puri, Teacher (English), DAV Public School, Rohtak

“The anecdotes were really nice. Mixing the learning with fun was great. Indeed a privilege to be a part of this workshop. This workshop is really going to change the way I speak in future – I believe in this and I will do it.”
Roop Krishnan Bhat, TGT (Science), Venkateshwar International School, New Delhi

“It was an excellent workshop. Just too good. We, as English teacher benefitted a lot as we learnt the finer aspects of pronunciation. The session on attitude was simply superb. Such interactive sessions break the monotony of routine classroom teaching. We’re going back enriched.”
Jaya Chakraborty, PGT (English), Army School, Delhi

“The workshop was quite interesting gained in terms of building vocabulary, pronunciation, health and in turn how to be a successful individual.”
Anupama Verma, Teacher (English), Pinegrove School, Dharampur

“The workshop was very effective. It was conducted in a very friendly manner. It will help us in speaking good English. Now we will teach our students proper pronunciation of English words. Last but not the least I was very much impressed by Mr Nandwani and Mr Frank’s dealing with us. May God give them long life!”
Shashi Sharma, Teacher, DC Model Sr Sec School, Ferozepur

“Oh! My God, how funny and negative I was? But truly speaking I have no words to say thanks to this programme. I think thank you word is too small for Mr Prabbal. I am speechless but I must say that this is the most turning point of my life, learnt a lot changed my attitude and changed my world. BLESSINGS!!!”
Tanuja Sharma, Primary Teacher, Little Fairy School, New Delhi

“It was wonderful programme which helped us learn to communicate in a better and positive manner. It has helped us to emerge as a better personality with an ever ready attitude to face all kinds of challenges both in our career and life.”
Vaisala Balachandran, TGT (English), Army School, Delhi

“First part of the workshop on ‘Global Accent’ helped the teachers to integrate with the modern world by teaching us how to become an able communicator. It also gives us an opportunity to expose our student community to the global language and the way it is spoken globally. The second part of the workshop on ‘Attitude’ was very lively and a real moral booster. This kind of workshop rejuvenates the people and helps them start a fresh.”
Malathi Srinivasan, PGT (English), Army School, Delhi

“It was an extremely enlightening experience. Both the modules were informative and opened our eyes to new knowledge. The talk on attitude was very welcome as it was conducted in the lightest hearted and informal manner. We look forward to such informative workshops which will only help us to better our personality. Thank You Very Much!!”
Swati Vaidya, Teacher, Army School, Delhi

“The workshop conducted was very good and very informative. The ‘global accent’ conducted Mr Prabbal have really imparted a great knowledge which will be of great utility in our future. The lecture given by Mr Nandwani has really motivated us and will be definitely useful in times to come.”
Charu Saxena, TGT (Maths), Bal Bharti School, New Delhi

x“The global accent would update our knowledge and keep us abreast of the evolution that the language is undergoing. The motivating session at the end by Mr Nandwani would definitely open some closed doors and may be bring about a change in our way of looking at ourselves and the world at large. A well conducted workshop. Two days well spent.”
Ujwal Malhotra, TGT (German), Bal Bharti School, New Delhi

“The two days workshop has helped me a lot in updating my ways of pronunciation and other verbal related skills. Being an English teacher, it has given a boost to my confidence and I am sure it will certainly make me a very successful personality. Kudos! To The Skills Academy and Prabal Sir, Thank You.”
Madhumita Sengupta, Teacher (English), Venkateshwar International School, Delhi


We provide a variety of training programs for children studying in schools. Some of these are mentioned below:

Guest Lectures

These are small talks focused on the specific needs of students. For example:

The Biggest Mistake

The talk focuses on the right way to choose a career as against detailing the career options available. It includes a self-assessment test which helps to analyze their internal tendencies to fine-tune career options that would suit them the best.

Countering Failure

The talk is aimed at building understanding among the participants that the examination result is not the end of the road but just an important milestone in their way to success. It also dwells upon the constructive ways to cope up with failure.

Maximize Your Result

The objective of the talk is to give precise techniques to the participants which if implemented, will accelerate their performance at the board examinations.

Study Skills Course

Students Undergoing A Course on How to Study Better

Wouldn’t it be great if the child played more and still had time to study more. With increasing options (and demands) and limited time students find it hard to prioritize and focus and many who focus lose out on the development of other key aspects.

Wouldn’t it be great if the child played more and still had time to study more. With increasing options (and demands) and limited time students find it hard to prioritize and focus and many who focus lose out on the development of other key aspects.

Study styles have undergone a tremendous change, thanks to the researches carried around the world. Techniques have been discovered which enable the children to study better. They can study more in less time and with greater retention power.

Our bouquet on study skills offers these techniques in an interactive and user-friendly way which makes the whole program fun to attend. The study skills taught in the program include:

  •  How to READ Better and Faster
  •  How to WRITE Better and Faster
  •  How to MEMORIZE Better and Faster
  •  How to make NOTES Better and Faster

English Fluency Course

School Students Undergoing A Comprehensive Communication Course
During School Hours

Children learn from the environment they are exposed to. Exposure does not only include the infrastructure (like computer rooms, labs, and swimming pools) but also the soft exposure like life skills. One of the essential life skills in the modern era is the ability to communicate effectively.

English has become the benchmark of global communiqué. Children who command good hold over English fare better. In case we want the students to excel and to boost the brand image of the school, we need to give them training in spoken English.

The course is taught during school hours and generally spans 16 continuous working days. Every day one class of 45 minutes is held. To know about the contents of the course press the link ‘Change the Way You Speak’ under relevant information.

To see the feedback of the most recent English fluency program done exclusively for a school press here.

Summer Camps

Students Participating in a Summer Camp Conducted by The Skills Academy
Posing for a Group Photo.

We conduct summer fun camps for students in association/partnership with schools for the children of the school and the children living in nearby vicinities.

To know more about the summer fun camps or how the participants feel about it, kindly click on the ‘Be Smart’ link under Relevant Information.

What School Students Say About Our Courses

The courses conducted by us – ranging from 1 day workshops to 15 days detailed courses – have been highly appreciated and termed as immensely beneficial by the participating students. Kindly look for the feedback of participating students under the ‘Related Information’ tab.


Senior School-Going Students Participating in a Soft Skills Course

“It was a wonderful experience to spend 12 days with this course and like to learn very much from these classes as they help me in developing my vocabulary skills and speaking power. In these classes we enjoyed, study and learn many more English basics which are not taught at higher level studies also. If I get another chance I will attend again.”
Gaurav Upmanyu, Student – Class XII, Bosco Public School

“The course is very useful to us. I enjoyed this course. Our master Mr Prabbal is very intelligent, joking and very good in nature. He tells us very good and useful things about English that how to speak English in whole the world. The most important thing he tells us that how to write notes which I like most in this course. Thank You for your kind behavior and this useful course and wonderful course.”
Neha Bhambani, Student – Class X, New Delhi Public School

“This Be Smart course was very good. I had learnt many things in this course. It was exciting and fun. The teacher was attractive and genius. He had the knowledge of words which are given in dictionary. I had learnt how to speak English. I had also learnt how to write English.”
Gautam Sachdeva, Student – Class X, New Delhi Public School

“The course is very nice. The experience was very good. Sir teaches us nicely. The time he spent in course is remarkable. Sir help us to pronounce the word if we pronounce the word wrong. I don’t forget English course Sir. The time was very good.”
Rajpal Chaudhary, Student – Class X, New Delhi Public School

“This course is very good and essential for us. I like the Sir who taught me the English. Our English improve very much. We can see all the movie and song which I want to sing. I like my class fellows who support and correct me when I do mistakes. Mr Prabbal Sir is very good and best friend and teacher in the world for teaching English.”
Abhishek Gupta, Student – Class X, New Delhi Public School

“This course is very good and benefits for all people. Mr Prabbal Frank is very friendly and very smart. I want to improve my English in The Skills Academy. I am very happy to join this course. I have no class fellows which help me. I don’t want to quit this course.”
Amandeep Singh, Student – Class X, New Delhi Public School

“I would like to comment that this course was really very good and helpful to me. I really enjoyed a lot and learn many new things which I will remember forever. Prabbal Sir was really very interesting, good looking, kind, intelligent and good in nature. I will really mis these 12 classes in which I enjoyed a lot and participated whole heartedly.”
Deepti Arora, Student – Class XII, Bosco Public School

“It was a great experience while attending the classes of being smart. It’s quite an interesting course. We surely know don’t feel any kind of hesitation while speaking English in front of anyone. We learnt lot of things like how to speak fluent English, to develop how to memorise faster and better, how to write better and in all how to develop up our personality which is very essential for today’s world. And I thank Mr Prabbal to give up his time and teach us well enough. He is a kind-hearted person. Thank You.”
Harleen Kaur, Student – Class X, St Mark’s School

“The course was very good. It helps me to improve my pronunciation skills! It helps me to increase my memory. It was very interactive class. I enjoyed a lot in these classes.”
Ishu Khurana, Student – Class XII, Bosco Public School

“I liked it very much. It was interactive, motivating and exciting. He made us learn the lyrics of all the good songs, and he made us understand certain sentences or scene from a movie. He made us comfortable in spelling words which people usually speak wrong. At last I just want to say that I had fun during these classes and will join it once more whenever it will be there in our school”
Nikita Walia, Student – Class XII, Bosco Public School

“It was a wonderful experience of the class. All the arrangements were perfect. This class helped me to improve my vocabulary. These classes were the Best classes I have ever attended.”
Ojasvi Khaneja, Student – Class XII, Bosco Public School

“The course was very interesting. We learnt how to pronounce words/sentences properly. We were taught how to memorize things easily and for a long time which was very good. It helped a lot to improve our communication skills.”
Swati Malik, Student – Class XII, Bosco Public School

“It was an excellent experience joining this course. It’s quite interesting. I really enjoyed a lot and at the same time I also learnt a lot of many things. It is a different course. My suggestion is that it should not for only twelve days; it should be of at least a month. Otherwise I had a real fun. I hope all that I’ve learnt here would help me to be really ‘smarter’. Finally, I HAD GREAT FUN! THANX A LOT!”
Mansi Batra, Student – Class X, Bosco Public School

“This Be Smart course was very good. I learnt many things from this course. Sir even taught us how to make mind graphs which is very important in today’s competitive world. We spent a very good time with you Prabbal Sir. I would try never to forget you. I remember the first day of our class when I knew nothing about the global accent.
Rightly said: “Guru kummahar, kumbh shishay hai ghari ghari kare chot antar haath sanghar de bahar bahi chot”
Ankit Yadav, Student – Class X, New Delhi Public School

“It is the most interesting course about English that I have taken ever. This course has helped me a lot and I have improved a lot. I loved it and if I get a chance again to do it so I will surely do it.”
Japjeet Singh, Student, St Marks School

“This course is very good. I really enjoyed coming to this course. It is a course where you could learn a lot and improve our spoken English memory. I hope I could give better result in my school. I hope that I will come next year. At last I would thank The Skills Academy and Mr Prabbal Frank.”
Aditya Vijay, Student, Delhi Public School

“Workshop was very interesting, interactive, awesome, fantastic, great and joyful. There are more words to describe. I will try my best to inculcate whatever taught in the class. The teacher is also very gentle and teaches us with glee. Best of luck to the academy and I am damn sure that it will be successful in all the impending goals.”
Srishti Dhawan , Student – Class XI

“I have really changed the way I speak through these classes. My teachers feel that through my practice, I have got the right pronunciation for words. It was a great experience working with Mr Prabbal. The songs were too cool! (with plosive)!! My parents feel that it is the right investment that they have made in my knowledge and will reap benefits in the long run I have changed the way I speak!”
Charvi Arora, Student – Class XI

“According to me, this workshop should be conducted in every school, college and universities. This was definitely improved my accent. This was an EXCELLENT, FANTASTIC, MIND BLOWING workshop. Keep up the good job!!”
Pratika Gupta, Student – Class XI

The workshop was fantastic and awesome. I learnt many things from it. The workshop brought great changes in my communicative skills. After this workshop I would try to become a good orator. I would like the workshop must have some English movies also.”
Shashank Kapoor , Student – Class XI

“I really liked and enjoyed this course as I was able to learn a lot and that to with a lot of ease. I would like if these classes would continue for a more time. Most importantly our trainer was ROCKING who taught us and made us comfortable with every way. GOD BLESS!!”
Kriti Arora, Student – Class XI

Sanya Dhiman, Student – Class XI

Senior School-Going Students Participating in a Soft Skills Course

‘Change the way you speak’ is very good for students like us. I learned a lot from it. Sir Prabbal Frank is also nice, sweet and has a good personality. The workshop has really given wings to my dreams.”
Kanika Wadhwa, Student – Class XI

The workshop was really good and we realized that our way of speaking English was incorrect. This workshop has improved my English to a great extent due to the efforts of Mr Prabbal Frank. It is due to this workshop that now I am able to speak English the way it is spoken globally. I promise to practice and I will encourage others to speak like way it should be spoken. Thank you very much!”
Dhnush Ram A, Student – Class XI

“This workshop really helped us in improving our vocational skills. The way this workshop was conducted was really good and never boring involving vocabulary as well as songs. Overall U were too good Mr Prabbal Frank!”
Ishita Gulati, Student – Class XI

“This was the most fantastic workshop, I have ever attended. I think that it was my pleasure attending this workshop which not only improved my pronunciation but also helped me in building my confidence. I am very grateful to Mr Prabbal Frank who improved our way of speaking.”
Mrityunjay Sakkarwal, Student – Class XI

“Gr8! Nice interacting skills, was good that we had it at our school and enhanced the way in which we should speak. ALL WAS A GR8 EXPEREINCE. COOL!!!”
Sanyam Sachdeva, Student – Class XI

“It was an excellent experience as it really changed the way we spoke English before these classes. It made me very confident in front of other fellow classmates. THE SKILLS ACADEMY really ROCKS!!”
Surabhi Makhija, Student – Class XI

“It was an awesome workshop with Mr Prabbal Frank. We got to learn many things which would really help us in our future. Words which I can say about this workshop are Fantastic, Great, Fabulous. I would like to have this workshop again in future.”
Garima Kapoor, Student – Class XI

“This workshop really helped me a lot to know the correct pronunciation of many words which are commonly pronounced incorrectly. Besides this, the lyrics of the songs given were also very beneficial. Now I could easily make out lyrics of English songs. I would like to conclude and say that this kind of workshop is must for all the beginners who want to change the way they speak.”
Ankit Arora, Student – Class XI

“This workshop was a great way to improve our pronunciation skills. The interactive sessions were interesting. Sir taught us the right pronunciation of many words. Not to forget the songs that made the class more interesting. This workshop was really a great experience.”
Rachit Raj, Student – Class XI

“This thrilling workshop has really changed the way I spoke English in the past. Interesting workshop was possible due to our teacher Mr Prabbal. The best part of the workshop was its songs.”
Rahul Maini, Student – Class XI

“It was great! A Great learning experience for me. Along with that it was real fun! I as well as my parents have seen a change in my pronunciation. I just want to thank Mr Prabbal from the bottom of my heart for giving me such a great teaching which will be useful for me throughout my life. THANKS YOU!”
Tanya Malik, Student – Class XI

“Great experience. I learnt a lot from this workshop. The way of communicating of the teacher is simply great. The classes are fun and at the same time you get to learn a lot. You get to correct the way you speak. The classes ROCK!”
Kriti Kashyap, Student – Class XI

“This workshop titled ‘Change The Way You Speak’ has been a great and wonderful experience for me. I really enjoyed each and every second of this course. This workshop really helped me in improving my accent & the way I used to pronounce contain words. I would like to thanks Mr Prabbal Frank for his guidance and supervision.”
Ruchika Atra, Student – Class XI

“The workshop was a wonderful experience. We people learned effective communication skills. We have corrected the pronunciation of many words which we were pronouncing incorrect. Now, I feel more confident conversing with people. I have definitely changed the way I speak, now I feel more impressive. Mr Frank has taught us many essential things for personality development also (like never put your hand on your face). It was a memorable workshop. Now I can even understand English songs and can be its part. Now I am not avoiding watching English movies too. THANKS TO THE SKILLS ACADEMY.”
Kriti Kumar, Student – Class XI

Suveni Berry, Student – Class XI

“It was a quite enjoyable and wonderful experience. The classes helped us change ourselves totally. Especially, the song session was awesome. CLASSES ROCKED!! PRABBAL SIR ROCKED!! AND WE TOO ROCKED!! We’ll miss u a lot!!”
Tasleen Kaur, Student – Class XI

“The experience was one of the best of my life. After this we come to know where we start. I think this is an awesome workshop and has changed my way of talking and my style. THANK YOU – MR PRABBAL FRANK.”
Sidhant Kapur, Student – Class XI

“According to me, the workshop was fantastic. The way it was conducted the presentation and the materials were also very well like none other before. The pattern of teaching was also unique. The workshop really inspired me.”
Sagar Khubchandani, Student – Class XI

“I really feel that I have been speaking great after this excellent workshop by Prabbal Frank. After attending the workshop I have learnt a lot and have improved the way of speaking. Now I have realized that there were many mistakes in my pronunciation but thanks to Mr Prabbal Frank. I think he is an excellent teacher.”
Paritosh Vikram, Student – Class XI

“COOL! Commendable! Enjoyable! I had a great time here and had learned a very good English with Sir! It let me fulfill my weaknesses of communicate among crowd! I wish it help other students too. I wish you “All the Best for future!” THANK YOU SIR! Thanks a lot!!!!!!!”
Nitisha Gupta, Student – Class XI

“I loved to attend the workshop as it enhances our way of speaking English. We saw the difference in way of speaking English earlier and now. THANKS YOU.”
Reymon Vashist, Student – Class XI

This workshop is an excellent; actually I don’t have any words to say. This workshop had changed me totally: the way I speak, my expression – all the things. First I used to feel shy to speak English now after attending the classes I don’t feel shy to speak English. SIR YOU HAD DONE A GREAT JOB. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!”
Richa Agrawal, Student – Class XI

“Its been a great pleasure attending this workshop. It helped me a lot to enhance my communication skills. It has made me to speak English in a very impressive way. I got to know the proper pronunciation of each and every word. So a very big Thanks to Mr Prabbal Frank.”
Abhishek Soni, Student – Class XI >

“This was an amazing workshop. I enjoyed a lot. I learnt a lot in this class. After attending this workshop my voice has become more fluent. Now I can speak better English. My pronunciation has improved a lot. We were got to hear English songs and now I can understand the lyrics more fast. I wish this workshop would have been more long. I really enjoyed a lot.”
Muskan Jain, Student – Class XI

“I really wanted to thank Prabbal Sir for making our English so much better. I’ve learned that English is not only about learning grammar, speaking matters more. Thanks a lot Sir for your advises. You made English so very interesting.”
Vikram Singh, Student – Class XI

“It is an experience which is unusual. We have change the way we speak by PRACTICING. We have learnt something which the ordinary people didn’t know it makes us above these ordinary people for eg. Voice modulation and vowel sound etc. At last we learn only by practicing not by thinking.”
NikhilGirdhar, Student – Class XI

“This is a great workshop. Very impressive and helpful towards speaking better and fluent English. I have changed the way I speak and abolished many mistakes I used to speak earlier. I promise I’ll keep practicing and improve any speaking skills. Your way of teaching was very impressive. I enjoyed all the songs as well along with the tasks.”
Jasdeep Singh, Student – Class XI

“I think these were very valuable classes. We learnt a lot from Mr Prabbal Frank. We come to know that what mistake we committed while speaking and writing english earlier I didn’t have the habit of listening to English songs but slowly and steadily I have inculcated this habit. It was a good experience with him and in this enjoyment we learnt something.
Sakshi Manchanda, Student – Class XI

“This was a great opportunity for me to attend this workshop. I enjoyed the class as during the workshop we not only told to practice but I enjoyed the class as there were songs in between which make our work easier. It was a 12 days workshop and we gain a lot of knowledge about English. Today we know the U.K accent and how to pronounce a word correctly. Furthermore, now my friends and we talk in English and we hope that in future we will speak English frequently. I will miss this workshop.”
Ridhima Seth, Student – Class XI

“I like the way you taught me and helped me in correcting my mistakes in the way I speak, so that people don’t make fun of me. You made me understand the English songs which earlier bound up from my head. Thanks to you Sir, for what all changes you brought in my life.”
Manish Malhotra, Student – Class XI

“Sir, I had a great experience with you. I have learnt many new things from you. I enjoyed your class very much as it is was very “Interatctful. I will try to improve my speaking style. At the end I would like to say that I enjoyed your class very much and try to learn the correct way of pronouncing the words. Thank you for your great teaching.”
Tushar Mittal, Student – Class XI

“It was really a very good experience. I like to repeat the words and sentences with different voice modulations. It has improved my speaking skills and also raised my confidence to speak among many people. I can find the change in me during the last day. It was both fun and learning class. I come across my weakness because of which I was not an attractive speaker. Thanks.”
Shivani Dhiman, Student – Class XI

“I really like the workshop from the depth of my heart as to change the way I speak. I needed someone who can just make me happy, our mentor is happy and the most importantly we learn something with our heart not by getting pushed by someone to learn it. The most fascinating thing was that we did not had to learn anything we had to just practice i.e. 200 times only. This class have become a part of happy days of my life and I do not think I would ever forget. Sir you are the best each I have ever met.”
Ripu Tomar Lad , Student – Class XI

I personally from my heart feel that the class was amazing and gave me a wonderful unforgettable experience which actually really help me to improve a lot. l I know you might be thinking that I never used to raise my hands for practice but I did practice not 200 hundred times but the maximum I was able to do which driving my scootty. Thank you Sir, for this 12 sessions which you gave us were amazing and I will keep trying my best to improve my speaking skills so that one day I can speak like you. Thank you Sir.”
Saransh Bhatia, Student – Class XI

I personally from my heart feel that the class was amazing and gave me a wonderful unforgettable experience which actually really help me to improve a lot. l I know you might be thinking that I never used to raise my hands for practice but I did practice not 200 hundred times but the maximum I was able to do which driving my scootty. Thank you Sir, for this 12 sessions which you gave us were amazing and I will keep trying my best to improve my speaking skills so that one day I can speak like you. Thank you Sir.”
Saransh Bhatia, Student – Class XI

“The classes had a great impact on my life. I was the person who was not able speak confidently in front of others. These classes built a confidence in my life. I learnt to pronounce the sentences and words from these classes. I liked the Prabbal Sir very much the class they teach us as well as entertained us. I enjoyed the songs which were played in the classes.”
Vijay Kumar, Student – Class XI


“It was a good workshop and is the best way to change the way to speak, learn write and memorize better and faster. I also liked the course very much and I have even learnt that how to learn faster, memorise, speaking way is also changed and writing better and faster so everyone should do this course.”
Tushar Gahlaut, Student – Class VII, Bosco Public School

“The course was marvelous. I learned many things I had lot of fun during the whole course. I made many friends. Our teacher was absolutely brilliant. We had a lot of quiz. It was the best part of the course alongwith the songs. The concept of project was a brilliant idea from the Scholar’s Rosary school. I did not found it hard to learn the things that were taught during the course. It was a spacious class in which we studied. We had some funny conversation during the course. It was a cool class. I enjoyed the course very much.”
Rohan, Student – Class VI, I B School

“I like this class. We have learned something. Sir has taught well. Sir has showed us different kind of songs. We have played a quiz in the class.”
Aena Kawatra, Student – Class III, Scholar Rosary

“I like the course. The songs are very good. I know many things about English.”
Ankit, Student – Class IV, Bal Bharti

“I like the course that is why I like to join. I like the way we learn songs. What we do not know, here we learn like how to speak correct pronunciation.”
Harsh Babbar, Student – Class VII, Birla Balika Vidya Peeth

“I like English songs. I like English course. I like speak to English. Sir, I like your English.”
Ayush, Student – Class III, Model School

“We learn to speak English fluently. From this we learn to understand English songs and clips. I have got many changes in me after joining this. We entertained with songs and we enjoy it.”
Anisha Wadhwa, Student – Class VII, Model School

“Songs are good. Books are good. Videos are good. All are good.”
Gopal Goyal, Student – Class III, Scholar Rosary

“I liked the course very much. Our Prabbal Sir taught us very much good things like daily gargles, titbits, vowel sounds, consonant sound like, T, P, R and K and we also did Pronunciation Dictionary. We also learned song by this; I have very much change in my speaking. It was really a nice experience.”
Aditya Singh, Student – Class VI, Scholar Rosary

“I like very much this workshop. I enjoy this workshop. We have lots of fun in fact my English is changed and improved very much. I try to join this workshop again.”
Lakshya Dahiya, Student – Class VII, Bosco Public School

“The course I did was mind blowing. I was taught with everything I needed in my life. The most I like was the way by which our dear Sir teaches us. It was marvelous. I will now only say that the course I did was a wonderful experience that I had in my life.”
Rakshit Grover, Student – Class VII, Bosco Public School

“I like this class because I want to speak English. Our class Sir is Mr Prabbal. This class is very useful for children. In this class we speak English words, consonants sound and English song. I like this class.”
Prateek Choudhary, Student – Class VI, Bosco Public School

“I liked it very much. I benefited very much from this. The way of the course is very good and interesting. The teacher is very intelligent and gentle. The songs we listened were very good and interesting. I practice daily: Daily Gargles. My way of speaking had become better than before. This course is marvelous. This is the best, quickest and surest way to English fluency. The quiz was very interesting.”
Shubham, Student – Class VI, Model School

“I like this course very much. In this course I have learn how to speak Global Accent. This course is of 15 days. With the help of this course there is a change in my language. In this course we have done many things like we have songs. My favourite song is: Pretty women.”
Vishesh, Student – Class V, Scholar Rosary

“About the workshop I just would like to tell the course has bought many changes in my life. So I would like to tell that like this course, all over the world student also get like my position.”
Deeksha Choudhary, Student – Class VII, Bosco Public School

“I would like to thank Prabbal Sir to give us an opportunity to improve ourselves. These were the things that I have not learnt before. I would advise every student to do this before. This will really improve them. If you want to be better than others then go to Prabbal Sir and change yourself.”
Vidhi Kohli, Student – Class VII, Bosco Public School

“I like this class because I want to improve my English and I enjoy this class very much really I have improved my English. Thank You Sir!”
Sakshi Sharma, Student – Class VI, Bosco Public School

“This course awesome. We had a very good experiences with Prabbal Sir. I enjoyed a lot and learnt many things. I would like to do this course again.”
Manav Dhingra, Student – Class VI, Apeejay School

“The course was very nice. It was very funny also. I liked the course very much. I learned too many things from this course. From this course I learned to speak English in British accent also. Thank you!”
Harsh Mahajan, Student – Class VI, Ryan International School

“This course is very good. I have got very fun here and I like to come here again. I like my teacher Mr Prabbal Sir to told me how to speak English good.”
Vedika Khaneja, Student – Class VI, Bosco Public School

“It is excellent course. I like this course very much. I like Sir and students. I like the most the way Sir teaches me. This is my best summer camp I ever had.”
Divya Choudhary, Student – Class VI, St Mark’s Girls School

“I learned many things from here. I liked this course very much. I really enjoyed coming here for practiced all the things taught in the class. Specially the songs. I always sing them sitting at home. The course was fantastic.”
Reshuka, Student – Class VIII, Model School

“I like this course very much. I can understand every thing in a better way. In this course I like songs very much. With the help of this course there is a change in my language. I also like the way of Sir to speak.”
Vishwas Malik, Student – Class IX, Model School

“Truly saying I joined this course to just pass my time but I did not know that I will learn so much from this course. This course has really proved to be beneficial to me. Now, I can speak with more fluency. The teacher i.e. Mr Prabbal was really friendly with us. He made us feel very comfortable. Besides learning I also enjoyed the course very much and in nutshell I can say that: This course was SUPER ROCKING. I think every one who knows about this course should not miss this opportunity and must join it. After attending this 5 days crash course I can say that I can interact with people with more confidence. I would rate it 10 on 10.”
Sugandha Batra, Student – Class VIII, Model School

“The course was very helpful and effective according to me. It was awesome as they taught us; their way of speaking was very good. It helped me a lot because I was planning to go abroad and Global Accent will help me to understand all the words the foreigners speak and I would be able to understand English songs, movies etc. I think that Mr Prabbal is doing a great job of teaching people Global Accent. This course was SUPERB, AWESOME etc. I do not have words for the goodness of this course.”
Vidhi Sapra, Student – Class IX, Model School

“I have joined many English courses but they were of no use. They were just teaching us grammar. First when I listened about this course I thought it would be of same type. But when I first came to this course I felt very amazing the stress was not on grammar but on our way of speaking. On first day when I was coming here I was forced to come here but on the next day there cannot be anyone to stop me. I felt this course very effective and good. Now whenever I speak to someone in English which I learnt here is very different and the listener sometimes is not able to get the words which I spoke. I learnt new words, increased my vocabulary and most important thing which is not taught in any other course is global accent which I learnt here. I am feeling very bad to leave this course and I will definitely join this course if it comes next time. For the most important I am really impressed by Mr Prabbal, our instructor.”
Aviral, Student – Class IX, I B School

“This camp changed the way of my spoken English in such a small period of time. This course let me know the correct way how to interact with others in such an interesting way that the 15 days went so quickly. Mr Prabbal taught us about the correct pronunciation of the words, the right words you use while interacting and the best of all how to understand English songs in such a systematic way that it made it easy for us to grab the words. He tried his best to improve our personality in so that we can speak in English confidently. It was our fortune and pleasure to spend 15 days with him. I admire him for his hard work in his field.”
Yudhveer, Student – Class IX, Shri Baba Masthnath Public School

“According to me this course was very effective. I enjoyed this course a lot. I came to know about many things which I did not know before. This camp really changed the way I speak. I learnt many things about English. There I met many different persons. When there was my first day, I was feeling hesitation in my mind about this course. But after two-three days I felt it interesting and I really had a lot fun there. I want to tell that this is my first camp like this and if I get another chance, I would definitely be joining this type of course. The way of the teaching was very good. Mr Prabbal who was our teacher helped a lot in gaining my confidence. He gave chance to every body to express his/her views. In these 15 days, I learnt the right pronunciation of all words. I want to thank Mr Prabbal for doing all this for us.”
Navdeep Singh, Student – Class IX, I B School

“I have joined the course to know how to speak English. I like the course and I learnt very much. The thing that I did not like in the course is Daily Gargles. I like the most thing is songs. When I came first day in this course. I do not know even one song in English. I did not like to have quiz in the class because when I lost it feel me very bad. Pronunciation Dictionary I like very much. Sir taught us very politely.”
Garima, Student – Class VIII, Model School

“I like this class because its change my English and my accent also. This course is very good and its make me learn those things and give me confidence to speak better. Its very enjoyable and loveable class. The special thanks our Prabbal Sir. I had enjoyed the class. I learn from the course of English and I wish next time I want to take the class again.”
Kanika Mehra, Student – Class IX, New Delhi Public School

“About course: I like this course. I find change in myself a lot. I enjoy with Sir a lot. Sir is kind hearted people. He stop my bad feeling like I think before this I can’t speak good English. I can’t think well I always think negative. He gives me advice to think positive.
About Sir: Sir is a nice person. He is kind hearted people. He is frank with everyone. Sir is a good teacher. First time I feel interest in some course.”
Himani Gola, Student – Class IX, New Delhi Public School

“I like this course. You are good teacher because you teach more best than all teachers. You improve the English of my. I like you Prabbal Sir. You are very smart Sir. Your’s English is very good. You are helping people speak good English. I really like the portion on how to write better and faster. These are things more important for me for my life. Thank you Sir, very very much.”
Manish Gola, Student – Class VIII, New Delhi Public School

“This Be Smart course was very good and exciting. I had learnt many things in this course. It was a very funny class. This class was very easy because you were teaching us.”
Piyush Yadav, Student – Class IX, New Delhi Public School
“I liked this course very much. It was very much inspiring for me. Sir was very nice and funny. The way he teaches was very sweet and good.”
Aditya Ghoshal, Student – Class VIII, Bosco Public School

“I enjoyed the class a lot as it gave us a kind of energy, enthusiasm & encouragement. We were privileged to have Prabbal Sir here in our school who really helped us to improve our speaking, reading & memorizing skills. I hope he would again come to Bosco Public School next year with different techniques to make us a better person with better personality. Thank You!”
Kriti Kohli, Student – Class IX, Bosco Public School

“The class was very FANTABULOUS class. It was completely ROCKING. We had lots fun. We got to learn many things and made many friends we even didn’t have to know where these 12 days passed. Everyone was very helpful. Every class was dam INTERESTING. I didn’t like to even miss one. In the end I would say ‘Mountains can fly, Rivers can dry, you can forget me but how can I’.”
Ishana Mahajan, Student, Ryan International School

“This course was very useful for me. It helps me in improving my English. I very much enjoyed here. It was Awesome, Marvelous and Beautiful experience for me. Our Sir taught us very well. It was great for me being here. I will not forget these days. I really enjoyed these days and learned very much. IT WAS VERY GOOD AND MARVELLOUS EXPEREINCE.”
Deeksha Bhardwaj, Student – Class IX, Kendriya Vidyalaya

“Excellent course, good notes were given and good English songs. From here we have come to learn many new things like how to make notes, how to write better and faster and how to memorise better and faster and pronunciation dictionary was taught. It was a good experience joining this course.”
Gagandeep Singh, Student – Class IX, Bosco Public School


National Progressive Schools Conference
Indian Public Schools Conference
Federation of Public Schools

Scholar Rosary School
CRPF School
Bosco School
Bal Bharati Public School
DAV Schools (Noida, Firozpur, Ambala, Chandigarh, Meerut, Rohtak)
New Delhi Public School
Army Schools (Delhi, Meerut)
Salwan Schools
Pinegrove Schools
D C Model Group of Schools
Little Fairy Public School
The Scholars Home
Sainik School

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