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What Junior Students (till class IX) Say About Our Programmes

“It was a good workshop and is the best way to change the way to speak, learn write and memorize better and faster. I also liked the course very much and I have even learnt that how to learn faster, memorise, speaking way is also changed and writing better and faster so everyone should do this course.”
Tushar Gahlaut, Student – Class VII, Bosco Public School

“The course was marvelous. I learned many things I had lot of fun during the whole course. I made many friends. Our teacher was absolutely brilliant. We had a lot of quiz. It was the best part of the course alongwith the songs. The concept of project was a brilliant idea from the Scholar’s Rosary school. I did not found it hard to learn the things that were taught during the course. It was a spacious class in which we studied. We had some funny conversation during the course. It was a cool class. I enjoyed the course very much.”
Rohan, Student – Class VI, I B School

“I like this class. We have learned something. Sir has taught well. Sir has showed us different kind of songs. We have played a quiz in the class.”
Aena Kawatra, Student – Class III, Scholar Rosary

“I like the course. The songs are very good. I know many things about English.”
Ankit, Student – Class IV, Bal Bharti

“I like the course that is why I like to join. I like the way we learn songs. What we do not know, here we learn like how to speak correct pronunciation.”
Harsh Babbar, Student – Class VII, Birla Balika Vidya Peeth

“I like English songs. I like English course. I like speak to English. Sir, I like your English.”
Ayush, Student – Class III, Model School

“We learn to speak English fluently. From this we learn to understand English songs and clips. I have got many changes in me after joining this. We entertained with songs and we enjoy it.”
Anisha Wadhwa, Student – Class VII, Model School

“Songs are good. Books are good. Videos are good. All are good.”
Gopal Goyal, Student – Class III, Scholar Rosary

“I liked the course very much. Our Prabbal Sir taught us very much good things like daily gargles, titbits, vowel sounds, consonant sound like, T, P, R and K and we also did Pronunciation Dictionary. We also learned song by this; I have very much change in my speaking. It was really a nice experience.”
Aditya Singh, Student – Class VI, Scholar Rosary

“I like very much this workshop. I enjoy this workshop. We have lots of fun in fact my English is changed and improved very much. I try to join this workshop again.”
Lakshya Dahiya, Student – Class VII, Bosco Public School

“The course I did was mind blowing. I was taught with everything I needed in my life. The most I like was the way by which our dear Sir teaches us. It was marvelous. I will now only say that the course I did was a wonderful experience that I had in my life.”
Rakshit Grover, Student – Class VII, Bosco Public School

“I like this class because I want to speak English. Our class Sir is Mr Prabbal. This class is very useful for children. In this class we speak English words, consonants sound and English song. I like this class.”
Prateek Choudhary, Student – Class VI, Bosco Public School

“I liked it very much. I benefited very much from this. The way of the course is very good and interesting. The teacher is very intelligent and gentle. The songs we listened were very good and interesting. I practice daily: Daily Gargles. My way of speaking had become better than before. This course is marvelous. This is the best, quickest and surest way to English fluency. The quiz was very interesting.”
Shubham, Student – Class VI, Model School

“I like this course very much. In this course I have learn how to speak Global Accent. This course is of 15 days. With the help of this course there is a change in my language. In this course we have done many things like we have songs. My favourite song is: Pretty women.”
Vishesh, Student – Class V, Scholar Rosary

“About the workshop I just would like to tell the course has bought many changes in my life. So I would like to tell that like this course, all over the world student also get like my position.”
Deeksha Choudhary, Student – Class VII, Bosco Public School

“I would like to thank Prabbal Sir to give us an opportunity to improve ourselves. These were the things that I have not learnt before. I would advise every student to do this before. This will really improve them. If you want to be better than others then go to Prabbal Sir and change yourself.”
Vidhi Kohli, Student – Class VII, Bosco Public School

“I like this class because I want to improve my English and I enjoy this class very much really I have improved my English. Thank You Sir!”
Sakshi Sharma, Student – Class VI, Bosco Public School

“This course awesome. We had a very good experiences with Prabbal Sir. I enjoyed a lot and learnt many things. I would like to do this course again.”
Manav Dhingra, Student – Class VI, Apeejay School

“The course was very nice. It was very funny also. I liked the course very much. I learned too many things from this course. From this course I learned to speak English in British accent also. Thank you!”
Harsh Mahajan, Student – Class VI, Ryan International School

“This course is very good. I have got very fun here and I like to come here again. I like my teacher Mr Prabbal Sir to told me how to speak English good.”
Vedika Khaneja, Student – Class VI, Bosco Public School

“It is excellent course. I like this course very much. I like Sir and students. I like the most the way Sir teaches me. This is my best summer camp I ever had.”
Divya Choudhary, Student – Class VI, St Mark’s Girls School

“I learned many things from here. I liked this course very much. I really enjoyed coming here for practiced all the things taught in the class. Specially the songs. I always sing them sitting at home. The course was fantastic.”
Reshuka, Student – Class VIII, Model School

“I like this course very much. I can understand every thing in a better way. In this course I like songs very much. With the help of this course there is a change in my language. I also like the way of Sir to speak.”
Vishwas Malik, Student – Class IX, Model School

“Truly saying I joined this course to just pass my time but I did not know that I will learn so much from this course. This course has really proved to be beneficial to me. Now, I can speak with more fluency. The teacher i.e. Mr Prabbal was really friendly with us. He made us feel very comfortable. Besides learning I also enjoyed the course very much and in nutshell I can say that: This course was SUPER ROCKING. I think every one who knows about this course should not miss this opportunity and must join it. After attending this 5 days crash course I can say that I can interact with people with more confidence. I would rate it 10 on 10.”
Sugandha Batra, Student – Class VIII, Model School

“The course was very helpful and effective according to me. It was awesome as they taught us; their way of speaking was very good. It helped me a lot because I was planning to go abroad and Global Accent will help me to understand all the words the foreigners speak and I would be able to understand English songs, movies etc. I think that Mr Prabbal is doing a great job of teaching people Global Accent. This course was SUPERB, AWESOME etc. I do not have words for the goodness of this course.”
Vidhi Sapra, Student – Class IX, Model School

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