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What Senior Students (Class X, XI & XII) Say About Our Programmes

Schools/students salwan 2008

Senior School-Going Students Participating in a Soft Skills Course

“It was a wonderful experience to spend 12 days with this course and like to learn very much from these classes as they help me in developing my vocabulary skills and speaking power. In these classes we enjoyed, study and learn many more English basics which are not taught at higher level studies also. If I get another chance I will attend again.”
Gaurav Upmanyu, Student – Class XII, Bosco Public School

“The course is very useful to us. I enjoyed this course. Our master Mr Prabbal is very intelligent, joking and very good in nature. He tells us very good and useful things about English that how to speak English in whole the world. The most important thing he tells us that how to write notes which I like most in this course. Thank You for your kind behavior and this useful course and wonderful course.”
Neha Bhambani, Student – Class X, New Delhi Public School

“This Be Smart course was very good. I had learnt many things in this course. It was exciting and fun. The teacher was attractive and genius. He had the knowledge of words which are given in dictionary. I had learnt how to speak English. I had also learnt how to write English.”
Gautam Sachdeva, Student – Class X, New Delhi Public School

“The course is very nice. The experience was very good. Sir teaches us nicely. The time he spent in course is remarkable. Sir help us to pronounce the word if we pronounce the word wrong. I don’t forget English course Sir. The time was very good.”
Rajpal Chaudhary, Student – Class X, New Delhi Public School

“This course is very good and essential for us. I like the Sir who taught me the English. Our English improve very much. We can see all the movie and song which I want to sing. I like my class fellows who support and correct me when I do mistakes. Mr Prabbal Sir is very good and best friend and teacher in the world for teaching English.”
Abhishek Gupta, Student – Class X, New Delhi Public School

“This course is very good and benefits for all people. Mr Prabbal Frank is very friendly and very smart. I want to improve my English in The Skills Academy. I am very happy to join this course. I have no class fellows which help me. I don’t want to quit this course.”
Amandeep Singh, Student – Class X, New Delhi Public School

“I would like to comment that this course was really very good and helpful to me. I really enjoyed a lot and learn many new things which I will remember forever. Prabbal Sir was really very interesting, good looking, kind, intelligent and good in nature. I will really mis these 12 classes in which I enjoyed a lot and participated whole heartedly.”
Deepti Arora, Student – Class XII, Bosco Public School

“It was a great experience while attending the classes of being smart. It’s quite an interesting course. We surely know don’t feel any kind of hesitation while speaking English in front of anyone. We learnt lot of things like how to speak fluent English, to develop how to memorise faster and better, how to write better and in all how to develop up our personality which is very essential for today’s world. And I thank Mr Prabbal to give up his time and teach us well enough. He is a kind-hearted person. Thank You.”
Harleen Kaur, Student – Class X, St Mark’s School

“The course was very good. It helps me to improve my pronunciation skills! It helps me to increase my memory. It was very interactive class. I enjoyed a lot in these classes.”
Ishu Khurana, Student – Class XII, Bosco Public School

“I liked it very much. It was interactive, motivating and exciting. He made us learn the lyrics of all the good songs, and he made us understand certain sentences or scene from a movie. He made us comfortable in spelling words which people usually speak wrong. At last I just want to say that I had fun during these classes and will join it once more whenever it will be there in our school”
Nikita Walia, Student – Class XII, Bosco Public School

“It was a wonderful experience of the class. All the arrangements were perfect. This class helped me to improve my vocabulary. These classes were the Best classes I have ever attended.”
Ojasvi Khaneja, Student – Class XII, Bosco Public School

“The course was very interesting. We learnt how to pronounce words/sentences properly. We were taught how to memorize things easily and for a long time which was very good. It helped a lot to improve our communication skills.”
Swati Malik, Student – Class XII, Bosco Public School

“It was an excellent experience joining this course. It’s quite interesting. I really enjoyed a lot and at the same time I also learnt a lot of many things. It is a different course. My suggestion is that it should not for only twelve days; it should be of at least a month. Otherwise I had a real fun. I hope all that I’ve learnt here would help me to be really ‘smarter’. Finally, I HAD GREAT FUN! THANX A LOT!”
Mansi Batra, Student – Class X, Bosco Public School

“This Be Smart course was very good. I learnt many things from this course. Sir even taught us how to make mind graphs which is very important in today’s competitive world. We spent a very good time with you Prabbal Sir. I would try never to forget you. I remember the first day of our class when I knew nothing about the global accent.
Rightly said: “Guru kummahar, kumbh shishay hai ghari ghari kare chot antar haath sanghar de bahar bahi chot”
Ankit Yadav, Student – Class X, New Delhi Public School

“It is the most interesting course about English that I have taken ever. This course has helped me a lot and I have improved a lot. I loved it and if I get a chance again to do it so I will surely do it.”
Japjeet Singh, Student, St Marks School

“This course is very good. I really enjoyed coming to this course. It is a course where you could learn a lot and improve our spoken English memory. I hope I could give better result in my school. I hope that I will come next year. At last I would thank The Skills Academy and Mr Prabbal Frank.”
Aditya Vijay, Student, Delhi Public School

“Workshop was very interesting, interactive, awesome, fantastic, great and joyful. There are more words to describe. I will try my best to inculcate whatever taught in the class. The teacher is also very gentle and teaches us with glee. Best of luck to the academy and I am damn sure that it will be successful in all the impending goals.”
Srishti Dhawan , Student - Class XI

“I have really changed the way I speak through these classes. My teachers feel that through my practice, I have got the right pronunciation for words. It was a great experience working with Mr Prabbal. The songs were too cool! (with plosive)!! My parents feel that it is the right investment that they have made in my knowledge and will reap benefits in the long run I have changed the way I speak!”
Charvi Arora, Student - Class XI

“According to me, this workshop should be conducted in every school, college and universities. This was definitely improved my accent. This was an EXCELLENT, FANTASTIC, MIND BLOWING workshop. Keep up the good job!!”
Pratika Gupta, Student - Class XI

The workshop was fantastic and awesome. I learnt many things from it. The workshop brought great changes in my communicative skills. After this workshop I would try to become a good orator. I would like the workshop must have some English movies also.”
Shashank Kapoor , Student - Class XI

“I really liked and enjoyed this course as I was able to learn a lot and that to with a lot of ease. I would like if these classes would continue for a more time. Most importantly our trainer was ROCKING who taught us and made us comfortable with every way. GOD BLESS!!”
Kriti Arora, Student - Class XI

Sanya Dhiman, Student - Class XI

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