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What Teachers Say About Our Programmes

A teachers training programme in progress

"An enlightening workshop for the teaching community. Kindly SPREAD THIS ALL AROUND - schools, colleges, MNC’s so that our children benefit from this. I would also love to attend more seminars like this and would also like to meet and communicate personally to everyone attached with The Skills Academy. If possible would like to be valuable part of this Academy. I am sure one day this would become an institution in today’s world of various industries."
Anita Luthra, Teacher (English), BOSCO Public School, Delhi

“I thank you from the core of my heart. The workshop has given me a platform to keep pace with the changing era because now to some extent I could say that being the product of global world; I have been able to master global accentuation. I have developed a positive attitude due to your able and enlightening guidance. As this point of time Lord Tennyson’s lives are haunting me and I recall: Made Weak By Time and Fate But Strong In Will To find, To Strive, To Fight, To Seek and not to yield.”
Madhu, Teacher (English), DAV Public School, Rohtak

“An excellent workshop. It is a very impressive, knowledgeable and remarkable seminar. It is definitely going to change the way of our speaking. We have learnt many new things which we can share with our students in our daily life and school.”
Kiran Attri, Head Teacher, Pine Grove School, Dharampur

“Techniques of voice modulation, proper pronunciation, intonation and subtle change in one’s voice due to the same were quite impressive. Etymology of a word & word-formation task was really interesting and captivating. A COMPLETE LEARNING EXPERIENCE!”
Ruchika Gupta, TGT (English), Salwan Public School, New Delhi

“An excellent capsule to motivate teachers to deliver the best to the students. Concept taught in a very simple way yet vey effective.”
Rita Gupta, Principal, Army School, Meerut

“Through this seminar, I have learned so many positive things related to attitude. I improved my pronunciation the way of speaking. The lecture given by Mr Prabbal was very knowledgeable and the lecture given by Mr Balraj Nandwani was very interesting. I enjoyed a lot. I learned a lot. I wish this type of seminars should be organized in future also.”
Rekha Miglani, Teacher (English), DAV Public School, Rohtak

“The two days seminar was remarkable, excellent and effective. We took a lot of interest in pronouncing new words. Pronunciation drill was very effective. I will definitely change the way of my speaking. I will definitely change my attitude and try to speak in a global accent.
“Knowledge is wealth” – It is rightly said by a renowned educationist. In this workshop, I am very impressed by the lecture of Mr Nandwani and Mr Prabbal. It is good, knowledgeable and full of impressive, pronunciation etc. I got knowledge about some new words and got the positive values of our life. I hope in future, I will attend or join this kind of workshop.”
Suman Sharma, HMDAV Sr Sec Public School, Ferozepur

"I found the seminar very interesting and beneficial. All the topics especially on attitude and communication skills were very interesting and important too. I really feel the small tips followed in our day-to-day life can change a lot in our personality and make us a happy, positive, better and popular successful person."
Annu Malhotra, Lecturer, MCM College For Women, Chandigarh

“The workshop was indeed a worth attending. Mr Prabbal and Mr Balraj Nandwani communicated effectively how can we teachers communicate effectively and positively whatever we want to our students with correct pronunciation with positive and right attitude. Certainly its going to enhance my abilities in particular and all of us holistically.”
Rahul Singhal, PGT (Chemistry), Salwan Public School, New Delhi

“Truly enlightening and extremely interesting from start to finish. All three speakers ensured that there was never a dull moment throughout the day and to keep a group of 60 odd awake at all times is by no means a small feat. Having prided myself on my supposedly good language, I realized today that there is still more to learn.”
Samiksha Singh, Head Administration (Sr. School), Pine Grove School, Dharampur

“Excellent and knowledgeable workshop. Definitely useful for everyone. Such workshops should be arranged from time to time. Spoken English will definitely improve.”
Harsh Anand, PGT (English), Army School, Meerut

“I would like to use this space to thank you for this workshop. After a long time, I have attended a workshop this sort. These kinds of workshops help in being in tune with latest and of course correct pronunciation. Hope to be associated with your academy in future.”
Kamaljeet Kaur, PGT (Commerce), New Delhi Public School, New Delhi

“I am very lucky to have attended this workshop. It is definitely a great experience to have Mr Prabbal in front of us taking all efforts to teach the correct diction to all of us. Thank you so much.”
Sanyukta Sharma, PRT, Venkateshwar International School, New Delhi

“Very educative, informative and enlightening experience. It will help us to stay abreact of latest global way of communication. Excellent! Looking forward to more seminars of these workshops. Thanks!”
Aruna Prashar, TGT (English), Army School, Noida

“Seminar was very educational. We came to know the different methods of conversing within each other and how to pronounce the different alphabets. CD helped us a lot. By adopting these methods we can change our delivery system. Now I can make myself impressive speaker. I think that this will give me wings to complete my dream. Really it is the best, quickest and surest way to English fluency.”
Kiran, Teacher, DAV Public School, Rohtak

“I found this workshop which I do not think I can express in words which can be manipulated easily. From my heart and soul I am really grateful to my institution which invited you to do this workshop. The skills in verbal communication and attitude are really gonna to change my whole life. I am really thankful to you.”
Rashpal Singh, Teacher (English), DC Model Sr Sec School, Ferozepur

"The workshop was actually interesting and knowledgeable. I had no idea about the U K & U S A accent, was very much curious to know, but due to lack of time I couldn’t. But the workshop has answered many of my queries and has made me more curious to learn the words, accent, vocal, etc. and improve upon my English I would really like to join The Skills Academy during summer vacations.”
Neelu, Teacher (Maths), BOSCO Public School, Delhi

“The workshop ‘Change The Way You Speak’ had been very beneficial for us all. It made us aware of the global accent in English. But we need to practice these sounds to master them. The presentation of the workshop was very good. We were always involved and hence evolved through the session.”
Pooja, Teacher, CRPF School, Delhi

“The workshop can be segmented in two segments. The first segment relates to bettering our skills, attributes linked to our profession i.e. Voice and Accent training. It was remarkable session as I feel; I was feeling ill equipped or somewhat left out of my endeavor to be the best in my profession and the session has equipped me to remain on the top for my personal satisfaction. The second segment relating to attributes have enhanced my self confidence as it has highlighted that positive attitude is basic ingredient and prerequisite for success and perhaps I possess that in plenty. Thank you very much.”
Sunita Juneja Teacher (English), DAV Public School, Rohtak

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