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Training Programmes for Teachers

Inspiring to LEAD

A teachers training programme in progress

Teachers are the torch bearers of the society. Their value in shaping the destiny of generations is unparalled. In order to educate the children with emotion they don't have to just teach but reach the students.

We provide various training modules for teachers to enable them perform their role effectively. Whether it be a 2 hour talk or a week long intensive training programme, we do it all. Some of the areas in which we provide training are various facets of Emotional Intelligence, Communication Skills and Soft Skills.

In this global era where English communication has taken a center stage and has become an essential skill for success, we have tailor made a 2 days standardized training programme for teachers entitled 'Effective Teacher'. The programme enables the teachers to speak confidently and fluently and avoid embarrassing mistakes. The motivational session during the programmes reboots their mind and rejuvinates them. It enables them to shed of negitivity and embrace change and every new day with a positive mindset.

Once the teachers have undergone the training, they are equipped to teach the students using the correct English which is understood and accepted worldwide. This percolates the learing down to the students and effects a change in the enviornment of the school. All this goes a long way in enhancing the image of the school. To know more about the course or what the participating teachers say about it, read on . . .

What the Teachers Say About Our Courses

The courses conducted by us – ranging from 1 day workshops to 15 days detailed courses – have been highly appreciated and termed as immensely beneficial by the participating teachers. Kindly look for the feedback of participating teachers.