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What Professors Say About
Our Programmes

“The lecture on ‘Building relationships’ and ‘Attitudes’ were very interesting. They help in creating positive attitude in life. Hope this will help us to achieve more success.”
Dr. Suman Taneja, Lecturer (Zoology),
MCM DAV College for women, Chandigarh

“I found the seminar very interesting & beneficial. All the topics especially on attitude and communication skills were very interesting and important tool. I really feel the small tips followed in our day-to-day lives can change a lot in our personality and make us a happy, positive, better and a popular successful person.”
Ms Annu Malhotra,Lecturer, MCM DAV College for women, Chandigarh

“This course is really knowledgeable as I got to know about Global Accent and positive attitude. All the lecturers were very interesting. I must say everyone should go through it once.”
Ms Upasana Gupta, Lecturer (IT), MCM DAV College for women, Chandigarh

“The training programme is a wonderful experience for me. I would thank our worthy Principal for providing such exposure. Now I feel confident that my attitude towards perception of normal things in our life would be more positive after the funeral of ‘I can’t’.”
Ms Mamta, Lecturer (Food Science & MFT),
MCM DAV College for women, Chandigarh

“This workshop has indeed been a very enjoyable and illuminating experience. We learnt the techniques of being a complete and accomplished personality which is very important from a teacher’s point of view because only then will we be able to impart true genuine education. I really enjoyed the voice training as it was touching upon the subject teach phonetics.”
Ms Shankar Goyal, Lecturer, MCM DAV College for women, Chandigarh

“It was excellent especially the lecture on vision and how nicely you can criticize specially Burger Technology. Mr Prabbal you are great speaker. Your language and way really inspire the soul.”
Dr Meenakshi, Lecturer, MCM DAV College for women, Chandigarh

“It was a great opportunity for me to be a part of this training programme. This is definitely going to help me in developing personal skills. Earlier, I was always turned off looking at personal development books, I never had generated very interest in them. But now I think that I can really read them with interest. This will certainly help me in becoming a successful person.”
Ms Nidhi Goyal, Lecturer

“It was an excellent, novel, interesting and motivating experience which will be very helpful in future.”
Dr Kamlesh Chadha, Sr.Lecturer

“This workshop was excellent especially lectures by Mr Prabbal touched my soul. Sir, Mr Nandwani - somebody once said: If you don’t like the seminar/course tell us and if you like go and tell others – so I am going to tell others.”
Ms Kawalpreet Kaur, Lecturer (Botany)

“A very useful and a beneficial experience. Speaking effectively, listening skills, and criticizing effectively was of great value. Developing positive attitude was remarkable.”
Ms Mini Grewal, Lecturer

”Lectures delivered during the programme are really useful in our daily life – at working place, social circle and even in family. Such lectures should delivered periodically.”
Ms Chander Mohini, Sr.Lecturer

“The lectures delivered were very useful and understandable. Time management was excellent. The material delivered was chosen very intelligently as per the need of the changing time. The best thing was that all those things are very near to real life. To conclude, on the whole it was a wonderful experience.”
Dr Kiran Sehgal, Sr.Lecturer