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Winning With People

Learn the Difference between Cornering People and Brining People to Your Corner

People Manipulation

About the Programme

The acute understanding about people revealed in this programme has been understood and taken advantage of by most successful people through ages. As you learn it, you will come to realize that business and money are the by-products of relationships. You will learn the secrets of building lasting relationships and master the techniques to talk smartly, listen intelligently, compliment dearly, criticize smoothly, thank profusely and converse effectively.

Presented in a talking style and amply illustrated with practical examples, the book will spur you to greater success in life.







About the Author

A celebrated Management & Communication Expert and an institution in himself, Prabbal keeps inspiring the lives of millions worldwide through his lectures, books and TV appearances.

Prabbal has trained middle level executies from top companies and is a reknowned corporate trainer. Know more about Prabbal Frank...

Formats Available

ISBN: 978 81 923860 1 0
Length: 178 Pages
List Price: Rs 195/-

What Readers Say About This Book

“The book illustrates practical examples to help understand aspects of yourself and of human nature that can redefine your personality.”
The Times of India

“I just finished your book on my iphone and really enjoyed it. I really appreciated the way you distilled the paradigms so clearly and logically.  People are so stuck in their worn out patterns. They are unable to see that their hopelessness and misery is self-imposed. They truly can change everything instantaneously.  It was a pleasure reading your book, sir. It's great to find other people who share my journey.”
Sean Robins, DC, USA

“Briliant piece, enjoyed reading it in many ways - from the way message is presented (and context itself -with no doubt!) to funny pics, examples you use and perfect, right size font (makes its so much more easier to read!) I love reading and I read a lot, but this one is on my top 5! :) From time to time I read it over and over. Very simple, clear, very genuine and makes you smile, so profound. I love your style (please keep it this way!:) and the way you present things! You are (and I'm sure you know that) very intelligent and profound man and I want to thank you for sharing your insights with us, readers. I've got your book when I was traveling outside my country, its a pity I can’t find your other books in my country (I'm sure they are also great), but I will definitely will look for them once I have a chance.”
Justina Vidzene, Model, Lithuania

" I found there many veritys which are lines of my life. Like - how to comunicate; to be good to people, then they will be good to you; that i need to pay attention to people, then they remember me; if i'm good then others will be too. I just want to do great things in my life and help people. But i almost lost my goodness in past months, but your book was the thing which i realy needed! Boog gave me new take-off point to carry on my life road. Realy thank you! This book showed me which qualitys of my life i should improve just to be great man! "
Raimonds Ritmus, Student, Latvia

“Prabbal is simply genius. He has this uncanny ability to present complex and arcane concepts in simple and understandable manner. Moreover his style of writing is so amazing that it seems as if he is directly speaking to you while you are reading the book.”
Raman Soni, Chairman & Managing Director, J&K Industries

“ I just completed reading and re-reading your book. I feel that its a wonderful book with a lot of practical details Im sure which will help me in many ways! Im already using your tactics when dealing with people. I love your book and hoping to get your other book "Win With Words" Thank you so much!”
Sharmila Samaranayake , Doctor in Health Education Bureau, Ministry of Health, Sri Lanka

“Captures the essence of human nature so elegantly and describes the tools to better human relations so pragmatically that it is indispensible road map for both seasoned and emerging leaders to navigate the challenges of personal and professional growth.”
Kamal J Jawa, Vice President, Voltas Ltd

“Masterpiece from a mastermind. The range and depth of the knowledge presented in the book is so vast that it inspires and educates me at the same time.”
Pradeep Virmani, Joint Commissioner, Customs

“Never could I in my wildest imaginations think that manipulation could be so magical. The book has wonderfully enhanced my personality and helped me professionally too.”
Abha Jha Chaudhary, TV Artist

“Pearls of wisdom which penetrate instantly and touch a deeper center in you. What an acute understanding of human psychology!”
Charu Sharma, Psychologist

“This is a powerful tool to understand oneself and others. It has immense capacity to enhance one’s Emotional Intelligence which is required by anyone to reach higher echelons of success.”
Ashok Sharma, Deputy Director, Public Relations Deptt, Haryana Govt

“Frankly, I was implementing each chapter on daily basis and it really helped me to overcome my short temper and frustration. The book is worth recommending to everybody which I surely will do at my end at least”
Nitin Goel, Lecturer, JIMS

“I really appreciate your work. I tried to apply these facts in my practical life and I found great change in the way I see towards people and the way people look at me now. I am in marketing stream and I applied these facts to my clients, my colleagues, my friends and it did wonders. I appreciate your book and expect lots of more writing in future.”
Jinny Chaddha, Gujralsons

“Dear no words to say in your praise. How can I describe in few words…. I read People Manipulation, I read it again, again and again and what a powerful book for anyone seeking to understand human relations. This book provides understanding on human engineering.
Digvijay Mourya, General Manager, Albatross Fine Chem Ltd

“Exceptional, rare and diverse collection for anyone interested in understanding the nature of human mind and how to take advantage of it.”
R B Sinha, Director, C&AG

“The book is packed with profound insights into the human psyche. It not only gives practical tools for manipulating others but also makes you aware of your own limitations thereby helping you to prevent yourself from getting manipulated.”
Maj Gen J S Ghumman, Director Education, Salwan Group of Institutions

“I absolutely adore Prabbal’s style of writing. It is just spellbinding. He keeps the jargon minimum and by the time you have finished reading a joke or anecdote he has already communicated the point he wants to get across.”
S K Sharma, General Manager, NABARD