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Products that Make You Perform Better

Be the Best YOU Can Be

Our experts work round the clock to make special tools to help you to bring out the best in you. Take advantage of these tools by making them a part of your personal library and ultimately by making them a part of your daily routine.

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English Skills Series Products

The English Skills Series Products focus on making it easy for you to learn, master and use the English language in the most quickest and efficient manner. If you are looking for developing your English, these are the best suited for you.

Change the Way You Speak

Change the Way You Speak by Prabbal Frank English has become the language of the globe. People who do not master this languge suffer from a major disadvange. The programme focuses on 5 key areas to improve your English: Voice Clarity, Global Accentuation, Voice Intonation and Modulation, Proper word stress, Proper Syllable Stress.
It includes a list of 600 frequently mispronounced words and effective sentences which help you to speak comfortably in situations where you may find yourself at loss of words.

Speak Better English Now!

Speak Better English Now! by Prabbal Frank

Looks matter but not as much as your ability to communicate. You don’t have to browse through lengthy English scholarly books to enable you to find ways to speak better. We just did it for you!

The Speak English Better Now! DVD presents the shortest possible way to English fluency by focusing on the weakest and most important points which non-native English speakers suffer from. It is simplified beyond what you can crave for.

Study Skills Series Products

These products focus on key skills which make studying fun. They will help you get most of what you study in the least amount of time. The following titles in this series will be available soon:

Job Skills Series Products

These products are specially designed for Job Seekers. If you are a fresher who is in search of getting a job or a sesoned professional who is in search of a better job these products will exactly suit your needs.

To have ability and to show that you have ability are different things." - Prabbal Frank

Amazing Resumes and Dynamite Cover Letters

Amazing Resumes and Dynamite Cover LettersPeople who cannot express themselves professionally on paper suffer from a serious disadvantage in the world where packaging has become equally important as the content.
It is a comprehensive guide that takes you right through from understanding, making, designing and sending résumé and cover letters.

Get Selected at Job Interviews

Get Selected at Job InterviewsThis programme is an ultimate guide for job interviews, specially designed to provide high value content in a condensed form on various aspects which count big time for interviews.
You will learn how to project the traits interviewers look for, get answers to the most-asked job interview questions strategies to negotiate for the best salary package, ask job winning questions and a lot more.

Crack the GD

Crack the GDCandidates who cannot put forth their views convincingly in a group discussion remain candidates only. No matter how attractive and impelling your credentials might appear on paper, if you do not perform well at the GD your dream job remains a dream.
This programme teaches you the top skills on which performance is evaluated in a GD and prepares you to take the lead role in a GD.

Office Skills Series Products

It takes a different skill set to get the job, a different skill set to perform at the job adn a different skill set to excel at your job. The Office Skills Series Products focus on the last skills set - the skills which enable you to excel at your job.

Winning With People

The programme asserts that people manipulation is a positive and healthy mode of social interaction which helps in strengthening interpersonal relationships and promoting cohesiveness and harmony within an organisation.
It explains the fundamental principles of mass psychology and describes in detail techniques to talk, listen, compliment, criticize, thank, converse and build relations effectively.

Business Skills Series Products

These products focus on key skills which you need at a business owner or as a top executive to take your organisation to greater heights. The following titles in this series will be available soon:

Communication Skills Series Products

There is nothing more impressive than a person’s ability to communicate smartly and convincingly. There are no miracles to a more toned and impressive you, but there are small changes that you can choose in your lifestyle to get the finer edge in communication. Our Communication Skills Series Products focus on making you a top-notch communcator.

"People who can communicate well enjoy an unfair advantage over those who cannot." - Prabbal Frank

Know When Someone Lies to You

People don’t always say what they mean or mean what they say. The book elicits secrets to detect when your spouse, employees or practically anyone lies to you.

It details amazing techniques based on 60+ yrs of research around the world & latest findings in hypnosis, graphology, neurolinguistic programming & psycholinguistics to enable you to dig out the truth each time you are lied to.

You will learn fabulous insights on how to read other people’s mind and get the message beneath the word.