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Know when Someone Lies to You

Spot when People Lie to You and Uncover the Truth

About this Programme

People don’t always say what they mean or mean what they say. The book elicits secrets to detect when your spouse, employees or practically anyone lies to you. It details amazing techniques based on 60+ yrs of research around the world & latest findings in hypnosis, graphology, neurolinguistic programming & psycholinguistics to enable you to dig out the truth each time you are lied to. You will learn fabulous insights on how to read other people’s mind and get the message beneath the word.

From casual conversations, to interviews, negotiations and interrogations, the ground breaking techniques mentioned in the book will empower you with a leverage which most people don’t have and give you an edge to enhance and advance your business as well as personal relationships. It will save you time, money, energy and heartache. Most importantly it will prevent you from being taken advantage of!



Level I
DETECT LIES: Spot When People Lie to You

Level II
UNCOVER THE TRUTH: Produce the Exposé

Level III

Until We Meet Again
About the Author

About the Author

A celebrated Management & Communication Expert and an institution in himself, Prabbal keeps inspiring the lives of millions worldwide through his lectures, books and TV appearances.

Having personally trained more than 40000 people from all walks of life including the rank and file of the Indian academic and corporate world, he dazzles audiences with his ken & masterful auditory. He brings with him a unique blend of traditional wisdom and modern science which perfectly synchronize with the contemporary lifestyle and demands.
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ISBN: 978 81 7028 849 7
Length: 183 Pages
List Price: Rs 165/-