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Get Selected at Job Interviews

Ultimate Guide to Career Advancement

Get Selected at Job Interviews

About this Programme

This programme offers the best quality learning material available for job seekers. Maximize your chances of success by mastering the job winning techniques mentioned in the programme. It is a complete guide for job interviews, specially designed to provide high value content in a condensed form on various aspects which count big time for interviews like: attire, body language, manners etc.

You will learn how to project the traits interviewers look for, get answers to the most-asked job interview questions strategies to negotiate for the best salary package, ask job winning questions and a lot more. With the assistance of this amazingly simple and effective step-by-step guide you will get noticed, get interviewed and get the job of your dreams!




Part I: Before the Interview

Part II: At the Interview

Part III: After the Interview

Until We Meet Again
About the Author

About the Author

A celebrated Management & Communication Expert and an institution in himself, Prabbal keeps inspiring the lives of millions worldwide through his lectures, books and TV appearances.

Prabbal is a highly sort after trainer by top univerisites and colleges who want their students to be trained on finer aspects of résumé creation and interview skills.
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Length: 223 Pages
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