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Crack the GD

All You Need to Learn to Get Through Group Discussions

Crack the GD

About this Programme

Candidates who cannot put forth their views convincingly in a group discussion remain candidates only. No matter how intelligent you may be and no matter how attractive and impelling your credentials might appear on paper, if you do not perform well at the GD your dream job remains a dream.

This programme teaches you all you need to excel at a GD. It starts off by explaing the procedure of conducting a GD and how is it different from an interview. It then moves on to the top skills on which performance is evaluated in a GD. The programme prepares you to take the lead role in a GD using specific strategies while also explaining the other roles you might need to adopt. It includes an exclusive section on how to deal with difficult situations such as: entering a GD in a high noise situation, getting off from a bad start etc. and helps you avoid embarrassing mistakes or situations.

The programme will empower you with the skills and strategies which will enable to crack the GD!



Part I: Understanding the Dynamics of a GD

Part II: Succeeding in a GD

Part III: Practice GD Topics

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About the Author

About the Author

A celebrated Management & Communication Expert and an institution in himself, Prabbal keeps inspiring the lives of millions worldwide through his lectures, books and TV appearances.

Prabbal is a highly sort after trainer by top univerisites and colleges who want their students to be trained on finer aspects of résumé creation and interview skills.
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