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About The Skills Academy

Perform Better Grow Faster

Greetings! We are a 7+ years leading institute imparting trainings exclusively on various facets of 'Emotional Intelligence, Communication Skills and Soft Skills' to organisations worldwide.

For this purpose we conduct open seminars and workshops, partner with organisations to meet thier unmet training needs and act as a finishing shchools for colleges and universities. We also offer customised individual training modules for 'celebrities'. The word 'celebrity' includes people of eminance in their own field such as eminent artists, politicians, lawyers, actors, singers etc.

Schools and Colleges provide 'Intelligence Quotient' through their various certificates, diplomas and degrees. However, researches have proved that in order to be successful, EQ (Emotional Quotient) is more important than IQ (Intelligence Quotient). The most successful and wealthiest people in the world over the past 50 years have been those who were strong on Emotional Quotient.

Our trainings are aimed at bridging the gap between what is taught in various schools and colleges and what is required to be successful as a person in any endeavour whether it be business or profession. It is this EQ level of people that we impart training in and that is what makes difference in their earnings and fame. In the competitive era of today, even Executives/CEOs are selected on the basis of their levels of EQ.

We provide customised trainings to organisations worldwide to increase self-productivity while achieving organizational goals effectively. Our unique training solutions, open workshops and seminars are designed to analyze and enhance individuals strengths. We not only motivate but also provide practical and precise tools in order to transform the participants to be winners in life. We stress on ‘inside-out’ development of individual’s personality.This ensures effective utilization of talent while achieving maximum efficiency.

To know how exactly we can assist you please choose a category amongst:
Corporates, Colleges, Schools or Coaching (for Individuals) by clicking on the relevant link at the top of this page.

4 Ways We Can ASSIST You

  1. Conduct training need analysis for you or your organisation.
  2. Provide customized reasonable training solutions.
  3. Give you tools for success (notes, books and DVDs) for continued learning.
  4. Render services like: personality assessment, counselling, resume making etc.

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Us

  1. We deal in trainings on soft skills exclusively.
  2. Thousands of satisfied customers testify for our quality and performance.
  3. Our terms and fees are reasonable.
  4. All are faculty members are seasoned and experts in thier own field.
  5. We are a 5+ years experienced organisation.

The Skills Academy, was established in 2003, by the Founder and the current CEO of the Academy, Prabbal Frank. The Skills Academy is a unit of Prabal Education & Welfare Society which is registered under 'The Society Registration Act, 1860' in India, as a non-profit organisation.

Working on the belief that standard of living can be improved through quality education, the society, has been imparting high quality professional education right from its inception. The educational edifice of the society is founded on the corner stones of Holistic Education and Academic Excellence through Contemporary Learning.

We are greatful and indebted to our advisors who guide us through the turbulent waters and make our journey comfortable. Please click on the link under Related Information to know more about our Advisors.

Get in touch with us NOW and we will design a training package to exactly suit your needs.


Please visit our Customer Care or to order call us at +91 98 99 135456
Monday to Friday 4:30 hrs - 11:30 hrs GMT (10:00 hrs to 17:00 hrs IST)